Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekend#4: August 1st, The bedroom

I'm not sure what day exactly I did the bedroom... I think it might have actually been Monday/Tuesday. Yes, that's it. The family had a yard sale on Saturday, so with my earnings, on Sunday, I bought some much needed stuff. I bought staples like paint, glue and scissors; along with fun stuff like fabric, skeletons and tiny TV. The BIGGEST purchase was a big ol' bucket of joint compound. I got this to do the ceilings and the exterior of the house. Instead of sanding all the siding down, I plan on smoothing over it all with the JC and giving the house a stucco finish. The pillar/column that goes over the door is going to be covered in river rock and the whole house is going to get this golden brown biscuit color. It looks great.

So, Sunday night, I went ahead and put JC on the roof and then on the ceiling/wall of the bedroom. That was all I could do since the stuff needed to dry overnight. The next day, while the JC was still drying, I made the floor for the bedroom. I kept it in a natural wood color and filled in the empty square with a piece of brown felt, for carpet. The way it is placed, it looks like an area rug. The craft stick part of the floor got one coat of varnish.

When the JC was dry, it got a couple coats of paint (sky blue) and the other wall got some dark chocolate wall paper. Trim was done in the opposite colors. I am going to turn the little alcove area into a closet and use hanging fabric as a curtain, instead of installing a door. The closet will have a rod for hanging items, some shelves and a shoe rack.

This room is also getting a fireplace!

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