Thursday, July 30, 2015

Drab to Fab

I went on vacation last week, to visit my dear friend, in Destin, Florida.  It was faaaaaaaaabulous.  Beaches, pools, sunshine and relaxation.  Well, as relaxed as you can get with at least 5 kids running around and screaming at any given time. There was also lots of tequila.  HEEEEEYYYYY, margarita!!!

Returned this week to finish up the dining room furniture makeover.  I cannot stand that red cherry finish that seems to be so prevalent in the miniature world. I do, however, love when older furniture is revamped in modern colors and fabrics.

Grey chalk paint-my own mixed color-and grey leaf fabric.  I think Brae has used this fabric before, or one very similar.  If not, I legitimately chose it because it gave me a happy feeling and reminded me of her.  Cue the awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe.

I pulled out the red velvet inserts and reupholstered them with the new fabric choice.  The chairs were painted with the chalk paint and then sprayed and sealed with Modge Podge Matte.  The table was painted in the same way, though I'm not sure about the top.  I think it might get a more rustic look-carve in planks of wood and paint it white.  I do really like the grey base and the darker grey details.

This is where you learn just how important lighting is!!!  A few of my lamps died and I haven't had time to replace them. See the difference here?!?!
The china cabinet was painted eggshell blue, by Krylon.  I love spray paint.  Makes life so much easier sometimes!!!

Then it all dried and I popped it into the house!  I'm planning on the window frames next and following that up with some curtains.  This corner needs some color.....

Oooh. If I leave the table top dark grey, it might need a runner..... :D  I love the decorating process in miniature.  I really do.

What do we think?  I love the transformation here.  :D  Makes me happy!  Onto the windows!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Open Concept

Many of the dollhouses that I have seen, and the ones that I have built myself, have had very closed off rooms.  I generally look for a way to fix this immediately.  Although, I am not always sure how to arrange the furniture in an open concept floor area, I do know that I like how they look.  I've always liked the flow and the fact that everything can be seen from one vantage point.  No need for mirrors, cameras or running around like a maniac to find out what a noise was.  Must be a natural maternal instinct?  I digress.

Back on track!  When building this house (last summer) they tell you where to put the additional walls to make the six or seven rooms....yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, I wouldn't be doing that.  This was the first house that I've built that achieving an open concept wasn't going to be a headache!  I have one, pretty much, in Mt. Ollopa Lodge, but this would be a more modern take. More Jonathan and Drew Scott approach.

So where did we leave off last time?  The floors!  The floors had been done.  I love them.  So glossy.  So colorful.  Sooooooo beautiful!!!

I have now put up the wallpaper in the big open room.  The majority of it is a pale grey green called "Old Paper" by Jim Holtz and Ranger-the Distress Collection.  It has a wonderful texture on it that I just love.  The bay window, where the dining area is, features "Weathered Tin" from the same line.

The door trim and baseboards are all basswood that I painted with Americana White Wash,

The kitchen set is from HBS and I painted the counter tops black granite.  I plan on putting in a fun back splash.  I also chiseled off all the fake looking kitchen stuff-stove top, fridge stuff, microwave... and plan on adding my own, more realistic looking stuff.  All of the kitchen cabinets will be glued into place.  I plan on not keeping this monster of a house and building it to be suitable for an older child.  I want it to look nice, but still be sturdy.

The dining room set is the one from Melissa and Doug-it was a gift from James.  I plan on refinishing it.  I'm just NOT a huge fan of the red stain and red velvet.  Too gaudy for my taste.  I'm leaning toward white and grey.  The hutch may become an accent piece in a different color, but will also lose it's original red finish.

The only custom furniture I plan for the area is in the living room. These are just place holders in the mean time.

Now I have furniture to make and paint.... ceilings to address and windows and window frames... and the next room over.  I have already chosen the paper for that room.  A beautiful shade of blue, from the same line of papers.  :]  I will actually be using the Jim Holtz line throughout most of the house.  Hope to be back soon!  Kids start school in 5 weeks!!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

 Happy birthday United States!
I have things I'm working on, and hope to share soon. Until then, I finally put up the 4th of July decorations that I got two years ago from Dale Chimel. The house looks festive! Picture quality isn't awesome, but I don't think you guys will mind. ☺️ I wanted I do a little vignette for the holiday with a traditional picnic scene, but never really got motivated. Maybe next year!

Have a fun and safe weekend, my American friends.