Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Modern Scene at Midnight.. well, nearly.

I was talking with Brae yesterday, and in our conversation, she mentioned entering a Modern Mini Scene contest over at minismodernas.  This turned into showing pictures and later some egging to enter myself.  So, after much hunting and pecking through my stash, I came up with a scene tonight.  I am sure, Brae's was much more effortless than mine.  Ha!  I went through about twenty choices for the paper and flooring before settling on the carpet from Houseworks and the walls are scrapbook paper (Reflections brand).

Then I had to decide what furniture to use- I settled on a couch from Pepper over at Mitchy Moo Miniatures.  I won this (and an extra) from her last year in a giveaway.  I swapped her pillows out for pillows of my own.  The sofa table is from the Dollar Tree and I threw some glossy black Krylon spray paint on it.  The lamp was made by me and the leaf dish is a random mini from my stash.

That fabulous fireplace was a gift from Brae for my birthday.  The books are all made by me.  The collection features some classics like Alice in Wonderland and Catch 22, along with some newer books, such as the Twilight Saga and a few Nicholas Sparks books.

The pansies are from a Bonnie Lavish kit and the vase is unknown.  The Monopoly dog is borrowed from my son's game.  =)  The other mini's on the fireplace are from my random collection.  The artwork on the wall is my own.  The three panel painting is on watercolor paper, framed and glassed.  The large art is actually a print of my life size work.  My husband suggested it as a mural type thing.  =)

 Hope you enjoyed!


  1. It looks really good Lyssa. Love the artwork. Good luck in the competition =0)

  2. Nice scene.
    Hugs from Craftland

  3. Lyssa, this is amazing! I love the idea of having the three paintings as a mural. I love how you have put everything together. Good luck with the competition!

  4. Thank you all for your kinds words!

  5. Fantastic! I like the three paintings.
    Bye Faby

  6. My girlfriend wud be jealous of the big woman in the room!

  7. I love the entire room. Such talent. The huge picture in the room is fantastic. Would love to know how you accomplished that.

    1. Hi, Terry. That large picture is actually a print of one of my real life paintings. I just printed it out on card stock and cut it out. :) Thank you for your kind words.


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