Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kitchen IN! : An Undersized Urbanite Update

Woooooooo!!!! I might just finish this thing after all!  Bazinga!!!

So I just cut/sanded/glued all the kitchen counters and cabinets.  To save on time, none of the doors are working. Neither are the drawers.  Bottom cabinets are made out of foam core board and mat board.  The uppers are made out of mat board.

This is the last time you will see the kitchen.  I need one of the rooms to be a surprise!!!  Even though it still needs to be painted, accessorized and hardware installed, I already ADORE this kitchen.  Freaking LOVE it.  I love when you are going for a design and it goes just the way you want it to.  YES!!!!!!!!

Okay,  I will temper my excitement.  Obviously, this room will also hold my trademark over the top detailing. I have some accessories on the way.  Boing boing!  To leave you with some thought, I will be using Snow White, Dolphin Grey, Turquoise and Lime Green in this kitchen.  *grin*  It'll be awesome.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Man, Cave of Wonders: An Undersized Urbanite Update

Adding these last few details was so much fun!  Granted, I will probably add more over time (post deadline), but for now, Imma call this one DONE!  Woot!

Some mess and clutter.  :)  And if anyone wants to send me crumpled pants with a belt and a pair of socks, that would be awesome!!  Not even sure where to find such things....

 I still need to make a mouse and a mouse pad... but I'm putting them at the end of the list.
 Yes.  That is Damon and Stephan Salvatore.  From Vampire Diaries.  I borrowed the tv from another house, but my husband actually loves this movie.... soooooooooooo.... Leaving it.  :D
 Went poking around on the internet and found this awesome gamer papercraft!!!  A tiny paper Xbox 360!! I also made up some games and some movies.  Add a pizza box and some games-perfection.
Trying to decide between Avatar or Star Wars.  Is this really a contest?  Ggguuuuuuwwwwwwaaaaa (wookie voice).

I made the pizza from clay and printed off the box.  Even took the time to put in a grease stain!!  HA!
 The go-to game of choice for the Man. GTA-V.
 And, I finally started on the kitchen cabinets.... which is what I am off to work on now.  I think they will be marvelous.  Goal to have kitchen DONE by Friday night this week.  Fingers crossed!

Monday, April 14, 2014

An Undersized Urbanite Update: Finished Rooms!

Well, minus the crown molding, because, that shiz is scaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrryyyy....I need to study up on it a bit more before I start hacking sticks apart.  ;)

The tween room is finished!  I will be adding molding before the deadline... and if I finish the punch needle rug by then (HA!) then I will add that, too.  It's busy and loud and fun and I love it.  :)

Had to inquire with some real tween girls about what posters to get.

Some little things that I had on hand and perfume bottles.  That little paper crane is from dalesq.  Soooo little!

Plant I got in the mini section at Michaels.  Whale is from Blondie.  Books I made.  Starfish from dalesq.  And that tiny little snow globe that actually "snows?"  From my dear friend, April.  That little mini is the COOLEST thing I have ever seen.

Butterflies are everywhere!  The light was from Brae.  

I got this desk ages ago, from Cyd at minimodpod, and I am so glad for it to have a home, finally!  Note the bean bag next to it!

A basket of teen girl magazines-Seventeen, Teen Allure, Cosmogirl and Tiger Beat.  hehehe

Also started adding details to the Man Cave, and I am loving how it is turning out.  LOVE!!!!  Need to run it by my actual man though and see if it is missing details.  Right off the bat, I think it needs a pipe.
 And he will probably say that the computer desk needs stuff and a better screen on the computer.

Man cave got a lot of goodies, and still more to come!

I knew, when I had the idea for this room, that it needed a globe or a giant map.  Giant map for the win!

I made all the books and the maps are printies.  Ship is from a spare Monopoly.  Flashlight from Brae.  And Robot from Dalesq. 

More books!!  Owl ends are from Jane at minifanaticus.  Binoculars and duck decoy are from Dalesq.  Platypus is from Blondie

Pillows on chair are from Brae.  Love the Man Rules poster.  The washed out poster to the left is a copy of an airplane schematic sketch.

Computer desk is Manor Minis, purchased via ebay.  I painted everything to look more realistic.  Still need to paint the body of the desk though... and fill in grooves.

I started adding things into the master bedroom, too.  And all rooms got the window trim installed.

I want this to be my room.  I love the subtle color and how sophisticated it looks. 

The dresser is doubling as a vanity.

Oh.  Beautiful.  ♥

I also finished the hallway entry.  Big love for this tiny space.  And a high five to the spring collection at Michaels, which is where I picked up that super fun laser cut wooden chandelier!  It completes the space exactly how I want it.
oops!  still needs a door handle!!


I love the design of this added hallway.  So glad I smushed it in here!

The kitchen has been slightly terrifying... I've only managed to put in a shelf and hang fun charms that I found that make great kitchen art.  Oh, and I made some small art to go in there, too.
I love the pass through, here!

As terrifying as it is to start the kitchen... I really canNOT wait until it is done and physically there.  I want it to look as great in reality as it does in my head.  :)

So what do we think?  Can I pull it off in time??!!

The porch posts are a long and tedious task, but I am already very happy with how they are turning out.  No pictures of those until I am done!

Still a lot to do, so better get back to it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Classic Paint Job: An Undersized Urbanite Update!

It's been a while!  I still have doubts about being able to finish on time, but I am glad that I at least got some time this week, so far, to work on my house.  My apologies for the pictures.  They were snapped quickly and unedited.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Haha.

I love the classic paint job that I went with.  So fabulous.  

 Dry fitted the porch on, too, and slid in the patches for the roof.  This is such a great house! I adore it.  I saw some pretty interesting designs and architectural things on a recent run with the dog, and I have something fun planned for the porch posts.  :)  There is still a decision to be made about whether or not I will use the railings....
I also managed to get papers replaced, trim cut and the attic area prepped to become the craft room.

There should be more updates soon.  I have a better work space now, with better access.  And I think I finally have a schedule that allows for it.  :)  Not too much time left now!  Less than 30 days!