Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A drop in

Just popping in to prove that life is still happening here.  :)  Last week, Cayce's preschool celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday and I made him a t-shirt to wear to class.  A coworker of James' placed an order for her granddaughter.  I hand painted it on a t-shirt with acrylic fabric paint.  :)

Now, I don't know when there will be actual mini work going on.... I am a bit swamped here with other work.  I have that commission to do and I started doing face painting for birthday parties.  We will see how that goes, but I have great confidence in it and I am really excited.

Anywho, how does everyone feel about a giveaway?  I am thinking of cramming one in there so I get SOME mini work in!  It'll include new things!!

Until my next spare moment, mini friends.

And remember to go vote for Best Blog... and I do mean Brae, of course.  :)