Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy, Behind and Preparing to FLING!!!

I have fallen so behind on blogging! I do apologize to all of you. I know, when friends of mine don't blog for a while it can feel as though you are suffering from withdrawals. But when they finally do, OH THE JOY!!!!

Anywho, my time had been mostly taken up with the fact the my tiniest baby just turned one year old on St. Patrick's Day. *Cheers* This is a big deal for any parent, but I fall into that neurotic category where everything is HUGE and epic with the fun. :) This meant I ridiculously huge party with family, friends and playgroup pals. We didn't really do anything the day of his birthday, but hang out with one of his besties. Friday was spent doing last minute prep for the party that was on Saturday; this meant buying lots of green things. The only unfortunate event was that lots of our friends came down with what we referred to as The Playgroup Plague (more commonly known as rotovirus). It's a highly contagious GI virus and is just awful to witness in tiny one year old kids. Even with that going on, the party was a smash. Charlie got all sorts of fun outdoor toys to play with and he even got a picnic table. (There is nothing cuter than seeing two tiny little boys sharing lunch at a pint sized table!)

His smash cake was a ridiculous success! That winning shot you always want to catch the baby in-hands full of cake and icing smeared on their face-he was all over it!

So where are the pictures?! Sadness in my world of being picture-happy-Mommy and miniaturist extraordinaire, a child that is not mine busted my camera the week before. :( Until I can get a new one, there will be no new postings on Etsy, or fun mini updates, or pictures of my adorable kidlets. It's very sad. However, my sister was at the party and she took umpteen zillion pictures and is sending them to me on a disc.... actually, *discS*. And for the day after the party, when we took the boys to the zoo (eeeeeee!!!!) we borrowed one from James' mom. So, the important family stuff is covered. :)

The upside to no camera is that I won't be tempted to share what I am working on, which is good since I will be starting on my entry for the Greenleaf Spring Fling 2011, that is, if it EVER gets here!!!!! I ordered all my components a week ago and they have yet to be shipped... I wouldn't be so upset about it, but this is the prime time for me to get some work done on it since I have the week off (Spring Break). I am itching to get started on it! I even cleaned up the work room, which was no easy task since it had turned into a dumping ground of sorts whilst I was busy with birthday plans. Speaking of which, I need to get started on the plans for Cayce's birthday. He is getting a dinosaur theme and he is so excited!

I will share pictures of the birthday and zoo trip as soon as the discs get here (hopefully today). And if you hope to see pictures of mini's, you can always contribute to a new camera fund by buying stuff from my etsy shop!!!!! *hint, hint* And I take custom orders!

Later taters!