Monday, April 25, 2011

Jamming and Mudding

Last weekend, we took the boys to go see Monster Jam in Ocala, FL. They had so much fun, even though it was in the 90's and there were no clouds/breeze/shady areas. Cayce got his Grave Digger truck signed and we had the driver sign Charlie's shirt. They even got to ride in a truck!!!

Yesterday, we took the boys out to their great-grandma's house for Easter Sunday. They got to hunt for eggs, ride on four wheelers and play in the mud. So much fun!

I am hoping to get in a bunch of mini-time soon this week and some this weekend. Then it is back to the grind for two weeks as I prepare for my big boy to turn 4 years old!

Abstract Flinging

Here's a peek at what is going on with my Spring Fling....

How much do I love that paper?!?! A ton! But wait until you see what I did with it. :D

That's all I can share for that right now. The rest would give stuff away. I can say, that I built something for it for the very first time and I love how it turned out. It was a lot easier in some aspects and harder in others. Can't wait to share more when the deadline passes!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lookie, Lookie!!!

So, yesterday, I managed to get a hold of a friends camera for a few minutes and I thought I would show you the explosion of inspiration I had last week. These paintings rock! A few of them need to be recreated in *real* life size for my house. :D I think painting in mini is so much easier though. Which is odd, since most people would think it's the other way around. I find I have an easier time putting detail into these teensy weensy paintings. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that my hands haven't been super steady since I had Cayce. Sucky carpel tunnel syndrome. Rawwwrrrrg!

Alright, so make sure you click on the photo so you can see the awesomeness a bit better. Her camera wasn't sophisticated enough to take good quality photos for etsy, so these will be going into a box until I can get a camera. :)

This one is my favorite. :)