Monday, April 25, 2011

Abstract Flinging

Here's a peek at what is going on with my Spring Fling....

How much do I love that paper?!?! A ton! But wait until you see what I did with it. :D

That's all I can share for that right now. The rest would give stuff away. I can say, that I built something for it for the very first time and I love how it turned out. It was a lot easier in some aspects and harder in others. Can't wait to share more when the deadline passes!!!


  1. Whoa! This suspense is driving me crazy! I need to know what you've done with that fab paper! :D

  2. And I need to know why on EARTH you would whack a wall in half!!!!! :D

  3. You are such a tease! kinda like Brae! ;-)

    All these spring fling sneak peeks are driving me nutty... One of these days.. I'm going participate... I swear...

  4. Love watching the Spring Fling peeks! Could this be a swimming pool? :D That's MY guess.


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