Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gifts, playtime and an Attic Wall

One of the things I did recently, was put together a mini scene for one of my non mini friends.  My kids had the idea.  She is one of my very closest friends and I adore her.  She is also my go to wino friend.  :)  She does a lot of traveling and when we were at Home Goods a few weeks ago, we came across this Paris book and Cayce thought I could do something fun with it.  Charlie picked out an Adirondack chair picture frame...  So I turned the book into a fun little scene, like we could be having food in good ol' Paree.  (I spelled it that way so you would say it that way!)

Here is what we came up with:

I made the salad, the cushions, the flowers, the painting... Gave her my very best glasses and bottles of wine, along with one of the first loaves of bread I ever made  Can't skimp on the carbs when you are drinking!!

The Adirondack frame will get a picture of our two 3 year olds, since they are BFF's  I figured, on the seat section, we could put sand and shells that they find together.  So cute.

 And in my down time, when I wanted to mini, but didn't want to be downstairs  I worked on these:

A skunk, or at least a really good attempt at one.... *thud*

A jack-in-the-box:

 And some cool, sweet treats.  Warmer weather is on the way!

Super Busy Super Time with Super Kids and a rodeo

I am trying to play catchup with the ET and should have something to show you before I have the kids home for Spring Break, but in the meantime, I thought I would share with you what was taking up all my time to begin with!  My littlest turned 3 ad I all out there party mom, so there was extensive work. Check it out!

The kids got to make their own paper masks and power cuffs (toilet paper tubes cut in half and sliced open)
 Charlie loves all thing super heroes.  These streamers are still up in our dining room!
 My sister got him an Air Crawler balloon.  Look the up. Be jealous and wish that YOU were 3.  Realize that you are a grown ass adult and go get a balloon if you want one.  Go get it!

 There were super heroes all of the place!
 Yes.  I made them a telephone booth.  The trunk is full of super hero dress up stuff.  They both now lives in their superhero themed playroom.
 Did you know that you can buy mylar stickers to personalize a mylar balloon?!

I painted a cityscape to go behind the presents... complete with Super Charlie symbol.  This is in the playroom, too, now.

 And I made this game.  :)  We love it.
 Decorations everywhere!  I even made a super hero birthday banner, but there are apparently no pictures of that.  :/  <---------disappointed face.="" nbsp="" p="">

 And a super wreath!
 The kids each got to take home not only the things they made, but one of these fun cups!  Each had Avengers candy in it, a super sucker (google it) a mask, some crayons and a stack of their own heroes to color in.

 This was the first time I didn't make a cake for him.... even when I have ordered Publix cakes, I make them change a zillion things on them.  This year, I put up my hands and let them do their work.... and this is what I got. I added all the toppers though.  They don't do that.

 My tiny hero with his mask! And some cantaloupe.
 coloring his mask.
 It was a SUPER DAY!!
There weren't a lot of pictures.  My sister was having fun participating.  HA! That was a lot of prep!  Then it was followed by a weekend of work, play and family celebration.

The following weekend, we took him out for his actual birthday, which the rest of you call St Patrick's Day.  We went to a children's art festival here in Gainesville, called "Where the Sidewalk Ends."  It was a ton of fun. Especially since my kiddos love arts and crafts.  Wonder where they got that from?

 They were making bookmarks and then down here they are making Brazilian tambourines.   Super fun.  And who knew there was a "u" in tamboUrine?

 Charlie showing his off after he had me write on it.
 Filling his planter with dirt (after he had me draw the Avengers on it)
 Just planted a sunflower seed!
 Street art!

 Even mommy can play at the park.  :D
 Followed by some laser tag.  They had a blast.  Look at them scoping out enemy troops!

 A quick stop at the painting station.  :)

 And then onto the bounce house place after lunch!

 velcro wall!  Everyone should have one in their house.

 Playing spiderman!!

I can't seem to find the rodeo pictures... but if you have facebook, or even if you don't, you can check all that out and more on my facebook fan page.  You can find that HERE.
 And now, I have to start prep for an Angry Bird party for the other one.  :)