Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gifts, playtime and an Attic Wall

One of the things I did recently, was put together a mini scene for one of my non mini friends.  My kids had the idea.  She is one of my very closest friends and I adore her.  She is also my go to wino friend.  :)  She does a lot of traveling and when we were at Home Goods a few weeks ago, we came across this Paris book and Cayce thought I could do something fun with it.  Charlie picked out an Adirondack chair picture frame...  So I turned the book into a fun little scene, like we could be having food in good ol' Paree.  (I spelled it that way so you would say it that way!)

Here is what we came up with:

I made the salad, the cushions, the flowers, the painting... Gave her my very best glasses and bottles of wine, along with one of the first loaves of bread I ever made  Can't skimp on the carbs when you are drinking!!

The Adirondack frame will get a picture of our two 3 year olds, since they are BFF's  I figured, on the seat section, we could put sand and shells that they find together.  So cute.

 And in my down time, when I wanted to mini, but didn't want to be downstairs  I worked on these:

A skunk, or at least a really good attempt at one.... *thud*

A jack-in-the-box:

 And some cool, sweet treats.  Warmer weather is on the way!


  1. What an adorable mini scene, Lyssa! Your salad plates look delicious and those glasses of wine appear so refreshing. Love your little painting! That jack-in-the-box must have brought a smile to your young boys' faces. What is it made of? It has such an endearing expression on its wee face.

    1. They thought he was cool, but they liked the treats better. :) The jack-in-the-box is made out of polymer clay, paper, ribbon, a brad, a head pin and some fluffed yarn.

  2. esa escena es preciosa y el resto una monada



  3. nice bunz! I was talking about the little bread ;P

    Great scene! It looks so wonderful, transports you right there, I hear music in my noggin.

  4. your gift is so sweet- so many details- I bet your friend was thrilled!! I think almost everyone secretly likes minis :) I love your little skunk too- he is adorable!

  5. The scene in the box is romantic.
    The skunk is so cute.
    Bye Faby

  6. Cute skunk ant the clown is great. I love your scene it is wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Awesome! Your food looks so real. I want to go to France!

  8. Skunk!! I love skunks. My dad had one as a pet when he was little. :)

  9. I just found your blog via Jane. I am now your newest followers.
    Interesting blog you have. See you soon again.

  10. Hi from your new follower! great blog:)
    Jack-in-the-box is sure a lot of work - so tiny and detailed! Love it :)

  11. Un rincón precioso!!! que bonitas minis has hecho,el perro es encantador!!


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