Monday, June 1, 2015

Just Call Me Tony....

Tiger. King of the Flakes.  The frosted variety, of course.

I know, I know.  I am the flake. What can I say.  Life got stupid, schedule went nuts, people were demanding, my emotional well being has been on a roller coaster of doom.... and instead of working through it with art, like I have for years-I packed a picnic basket of woes and went into hibernation.  But Spring is almost over, summer vacation is days away and I have forced myself awake.  Enough wallowing!

I started off with a major clean and purge of the studio.  Finally accepting that there are things that I will just not get to right now, or anytime soon, so better to let them go and be of service to someone else.  I also really accepted that I love to make minis and build them, but I don't really want to keep them.  That being said, I will be listing the Art Studio, the Pool House, the Tennyson and the Coventry Cottage within the coming week.  I also went through the minis and will be listing them on ebay as well.

I'd like to get my etsy shop up and running again, but there have been MANY changes there while I was in the dark and twisty place so I am totally lost.  We will see.

Since I finally cleaned off my work spaces and could actually do something, I played around with the layout for a bit, until I found something I liked.  Haven't decided on the room, other hallway or attic area yet. There are pictures, unedited ones-I was afraid that if I took the time to edit, I wouldn't actually get them up!

I'm going to attempt an open concept kitchen/dining/living room combo!!

The bathroom-I need to adjust the right wall. It wasn't cut properly and there is a gap-hence the light in the back.
A fireplace! This will be a no-tv house. 

Dining nook with china cabinet

Kitchen with island.  I have to close up that window over there.

Small office area in the nook and a laundry room under the stairs!
And I got back to putting in the floor of the cottage (HTJB).  I love this flooring.  I really do!

It's the sample sheet from's 180fx line glued to some strip board and then cut into half inch wide strips.  I then cut those strips into varying lengths. It feels so good to have glue on my fingers and to be putting a room together.

Seriously, LOVE these floors!!

Yay!  So the plan is to be back.  To stay back. And to get back to what I love doing and not just I feel like I HAVE to be doing.  :)  See you all soon!!