Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finally Listed!

For those of you stalking my shop, waiting for food, paintings and more-I finally listed stuff this morning!
Move quick and go check out the etsy shop for the new goodies.  :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Explosion of Goods

I've had a rough last week or so in RL, which generally means two things: 1) my house is REALLY clean and 2) I worked a lot.  When life is upsetting me, I tend to bury myself in some sort of crafting and deep clean all around me.  Both have happened recently.  But the "food" of my labor is what you all will appreciate the most.  Didn't think about it.... just got out some clay and started working while watching way too much Netflix with the kids.  All these items have been photographed and will be steadily listed over the coming days.  Not everything I will be listing is pictured, so check back often!

Originally, our wedding was going to be outside and at a Lodge.  We would have had signs like this and I thought they would look good in mini, and they do!  Now, someone just needs to create a mini wedding scene.

Baskets are coming back to the shop!

Getting the T-day spread out early.  


Teeny slice of pizza.  :)

A couple subs, looking good enough to eat!

Cayce said I had to make PB&J for all the teeny kids in miniature land.  :D


Finally framed and ready to list.  All the paintings.  I used the wood provided in Housworks windows... it's supposed to be used for mullions, but makes really great simple frames!

So with all this greatness about to go in to the store, maybe I will be able to get the lights I need for the ____________.  :D  Here's to hoping!  And I hope you enjoyed the little bit of onslaught here.

A planted birch tree

Here is a quick peek of the birch tree in its final home.  I am really liking how it turned out!  So pretty.
And although you can't see the whole thing, the tree looks really good in an overall scheme.  :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birdhouses and Pumpkins

Last week I went a little crazy with the making of birdhouses and pumpkin sets.  :)  I gave some away, kept some for myself, and the rest were listed in my Etsy shop.  Have you seen them?

The birdhouses are made from card stock and then hand painted and colored using acrylic paint and chalk pastels.

 The pumpkins are made from polymer clay and colored with chalk pastel shavings, before they are baked.

Coming soon are some baskets, a bench, wedding signs and Thanksgiving meals!  Along with some Halloween decorations. My oldest starts school tomorrow, so the work level is about to crank up again. :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Jet Setting Mini Jazzi!

Some of you may not know, but I am partaking in Mini Jazzi's upcoming travels.  I am one of the 24 hostesses that she will be visiting in her world travels.  She has 9 countries to get to, and over a dozen stops in the United States alone.  She will even visit Florida twice!  Since there are so many places to go and Mini Jazzi is not telling anyone where her next stops are (and us hostesses are sworn to secrecy) I have no idea when she will be here.  Could be a few weeks, or it could be nearly 2 years.  Fingers crossed for the fall months though.  Coming to Gainesville, Mini Jazzi really needs to be indoctrinated into the phenomenon known as Gator Football.  Welcome to the home of Tim Tebow!  So, no matter what, The Swamp will certainly be a stop.  :)

Along with that, I hope that she comes when my family is doing some fun things.  Florida is a very touristy state and there is a lot to see. :)

As far as lodging goes, I will have to finish up the cottage, just in case she gets here before December, and she can't stay in the ____________.  I will discuss it with her though.  Maybe she will be willing to stay in the nicer digs and keep my secret for a little bit.  :)

Totally psyched for her to show up in my rocking little household!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Winner, winner! Chicken Dinner!

After a very early start this morning...Charlie got up at 5:00am ugh-I am so NOT a morning person, I had some coffee, made him take a nap while Cayce was at playgroup and when he woke up, we did the giveaway drawing!  Hurrah!  I got all the names together while he was sleeping, all the comments on the post and all the facebook entries, (there were a lot!) and had them ready in his hat when he got up.

Apparently, this wouldn't do though.  Spiderman needed to wear the hat, so we got the glass from the other day and used it.

Here are all the names:

Here is Charlie picking out a piece of paper:

And HERE is the winner:

Congratulations, Rosa!  You are one lucky gal this week, so enter the lottery and all sorts of things!  Though, it may have something to do with my cutie kid, so send it to him first so he can touch it, and then we will send it back.  =)

Thank you to all that participated!

Also, look for new items in my etsy shop later this week.  The paintings from yesterday, a 30 book Insta-Library and a no muss, no fuss snake plant kit.  =)

Congratulations, again, Rosa!