Monday, November 26, 2012

Paintings and Veggies

Over the summer, I was a crazy mini making machine, preparing for my first craft show.... which we all know, was an epic failure, didn't go so well.  I would take it personally, but it didn't go at ALL for ANY of the vendors. So, my feelings were only mildly hurt. Anyway, I just now got around to listing a few of the items from then.  I still have a lot more to go, but pop on over to my etsy shop to see what's the what.  :)

I have to get back to shingling now.  Bleh.  Next week, I will unveil the mystery build that you all have been waiting on!  Until then, here are some shots of the new stuff, listed and unlisted:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Holidays, from us to you!

Hopefully, those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving had a really yummy and totally fat weekend.  I know we did.  :)  I love all the left over pie I get to take home!!

Our trees are up.  Yes, trees. The kids each have one, I have one that I can be neurotic over and there is a white one-turned-snowgirl in our dining room.  :)  I will share all of the decorations with you in the coming days, but for now, feast your eyes on our trees!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

42 days!!!!!!

Christmas is on it's way!  I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  How bizarre.

This does mean, for you all though, that the secrecy on my build is nearing the end.  :)  Deadline for Creatin' Contest is December 17th, but my sister is coming to visit on November 30th, and since her camera is AWESOME, that is my personal deadline to be done.  Then I have 2 weeks to narrow 92,548,716,478,127 pictures down to FOUR. Yes, four.  *thud*

So, every once in a while, I panic about this and end up being totally A.D.D. and doing something totally off topic.  Today, it was setting a scene for my new jingle bell wreaths.

Eye candy for you.  Call it an early holiday gift.  :)
Chair and Love seat were bridal gifts from Brae last year.  They were made by Deb of Deb's Mini's.

The tree is lycopodium on a bottle brush tree.  Beads make up the ornaments and it has battery powered lights on it.
The Christmas cards you see on the shelf and in the window were gifts from Brae, as well.

I made the fireplace, the art, the wreath and the books. The snowman and penguin are tiny ornaments and the card is by Brae.

See the lights?

Presents are also by Brae.

Cookies and milk, along with some adult treats, too.  :) hehe, corn cob pipe. hehe

  You can find both of these wreaths in my etsy shop now!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hubby with the Mini-Eye!

By profession, my husband is a barber, but in his spare time, he works on cars and such.  Most recently, he had worked on my minivan and replaced a wheel bearing.  Well, two of them, really, both of the front ones.  Now, usually, when you replace them, they are just little cup thingies and there is nothing fun about them. Mine, however, were so shot that they were crumbling apart and the bearings were coming out.  James picked one up, looked at me and said, "Think you could use these for cans?"  What do you think?

dirty bearings

So I printed out some Campell's soup labels from Jim's Printables on cardstock.  You can also find more at Jennifer's.  I cleaned the bearings really well and then glued the wrappers on with tacky glue.  Think it worked all right?

one clean (l) and one still dirty (r)

So, my mini world is wearing off on my husband.  Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!!

And, no I have not fogotten about the rest of trip with Brae.  :)  I will share on the ending soon.