Monday, November 26, 2012

Paintings and Veggies

Over the summer, I was a crazy mini making machine, preparing for my first craft show.... which we all know, was an epic failure, didn't go so well.  I would take it personally, but it didn't go at ALL for ANY of the vendors. So, my feelings were only mildly hurt. Anyway, I just now got around to listing a few of the items from then.  I still have a lot more to go, but pop on over to my etsy shop to see what's the what.  :)

I have to get back to shingling now.  Bleh.  Next week, I will unveil the mystery build that you all have been waiting on!  Until then, here are some shots of the new stuff, listed and unlisted:


  1. WOW- so many beautiful minis! I love the little painting of the barn in the autumn colors- and the baskets of veggies are so real looking- wonderful work!

  2. Wonderful minis, my friend!!! :D

  3. Beautiful minis! I like the paintings.
    Bye Faby

  4. Lyssa, these are awesome! I can't wait until the big reveal...

  5. I love your paintings! They're perfect!

  6. Me encantan tus vegetales!
    Y esas pinturas y caballetes.
    Un abrazo

  7. Thanks for your note on my blog Lyssa - feeling drawn to more than one project is a bit of a problem sometimes but my excuse with deciding to work on the attic is that it can actually be added to the roof of the current French build.

    What a shame about the lack of sales, the vendors at the Sydney fair held each May have complained the last couple of years that although the crowds look reasonable purses are being kept pretty tightly shut. Good luck with your online sales!


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