Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hubby with the Mini-Eye!

By profession, my husband is a barber, but in his spare time, he works on cars and such.  Most recently, he had worked on my minivan and replaced a wheel bearing.  Well, two of them, really, both of the front ones.  Now, usually, when you replace them, they are just little cup thingies and there is nothing fun about them. Mine, however, were so shot that they were crumbling apart and the bearings were coming out.  James picked one up, looked at me and said, "Think you could use these for cans?"  What do you think?

dirty bearings

So I printed out some Campell's soup labels from Jim's Printables on cardstock.  You can also find more at Jennifer's.  I cleaned the bearings really well and then glued the wrappers on with tacky glue.  Think it worked all right?

one clean (l) and one still dirty (r)

So, my mini world is wearing off on my husband.  Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!!

And, no I have not fogotten about the rest of trip with Brae.  :)  I will share on the ending soon.


  1. Hmmm...it's almost lunchtime! :D

  2. They look good, Lyssa! Looks like your husband has a good eye for minis!

  3. Good idea from your husband! Nice that he is thinking about minis.

  4. Love it when they see things through our eyes! The cans look great Lyssa...I am sure our hubbies could all share a story or two!

  5. They look great...now you need to think about men's hairstyles...LOL!

  6. Lo mejor de todo es que ahora compartes las miniaturas con tu esposo, las latas de sopa son geniales
    Un abrazo

  7. es lo que tiene esta aficion , que lo de tu alrededor acaban viendo cosas minis tambien en cosas cotidianas , muy buen trabajo con esas latas de sopa



  8. That just goes to show you...mini-itis is contagious! LOL Cute soup.

  9. Thank you, all! I will pass the compliments onto James. :) He actually wants to get into making minis. Tiny car parts and such. Too fun!

  10. I love that your husband has the mini eye now, those are some great looking soups! My husband has been bringing me strings that I can use for rope ..its almost like a mini gift every day =P

  11. What a great re-do. Hooray for helpful husbands!


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