Monday, December 16, 2013

Creatin' Contest 2013 Entry: Bob's Barber Shop

I was going to share more Pool House stuff with you, but my computer up and died... and all the pictures are on there....  When I get a new computer, I will also be getting an external hard drive.... Oi.

So for now, I would love to share with you what I have been working of for the last 6 weeks!  I only have a few photos (that I luckily emailed to friends to get their opinions...) because the computer has all these pictures, too.  Bah.

Presenting, Bob's Barber Shop-a step back in time.  This barber shop was modeled after the one that is owned by my inlaws, and where my husband works.  The exterior is very close to the building we own and the interior was fashioned after a vintage 1920's barber shop.  I started this project as a gift for my father-in-law, but with his sudden passing, it turned into a memorial for him.  With all the turmoil going on, my family, the kids, summer, school, Spring Fling, illustrating and more, I didn't really get a good start on this until after Halloween.  Aside from the floor, brown wallpaper and the mirror facade, everything has been done in the last 45 days.  Yes.  I slept... I'm sure of it.

There were moments that I was certain I wasn't going to finish in time.  The clock and calendar seemed to be laughing at me.  But I am the Queen of the Power Push- a couple long nights here and there and taking advantage of anytime that I would otherwise "just be sitting there," made it all possible.

Since I'm not flush with Benjamin's and there was a specific look I was trying to achieve, a lot of the contents are hand made from scratch.  This build recap will be sorely lacking in how-to pics and during shots.... I was so pressed for time, that that was the furthest thing from my mind.  But I will try to share what I can and do my best to walk you through things.

Without further adieu, here it is!

The door and window frames are made from mat board.  The brick is made with wood filler that I slapped on there and then carved the bricks in.  The roof tiles are individually cut, rolled and stacked 1 inch squares of Sculpey. 
The tree is made with the same process I have used before. The barber pole on the building is built from scratch and it lights up.  If only I had been able to make it spin!
The leaves on the ground and tree are from a mini garland.  The muddy drive is paint over wood putty and the puddles are triple thick.

I love, love, love, this picture. 

Scratch built and lit barber pole.  Made from paper, two clear marbles and plastic tubing.  The bracket that attaches it to the wall is made from scrap wood and painted to look like cast iron-traditional for the 20's.

Inclusive interior shot.  Tons of handmade things!  The attic has a floor with mice and shows the historically accurate materials for insulation- sawdust and shredded paper.  Horse hair was also used, but... eeewwww.

Counter was built from scratch using acetate from a package and wood scraps from the Pool House.  The register was gifted to me, by April, and was assembled and then painted.

Lights are out in the vanity!  This was just a happy accident that brings a little more realism to the space.  The green things on the wall are sanitizer boxes-made from paper.  And the big silver thing (detail shot to come later) is a towel steamer-also made from paper.

These chairs were a bit of a challenge to figure out.  But utilizing the things I have learned from Kris over at 1inchminis, I figured it out.  They are constructed mostly from paper and mat board. Styrofoam makes the cushions and I even used her satin/silk to leather tutorial to paint the seats.

A fun back shot through the window, makes it seem like you are sitting on the stool by the phone.  See the dustpan full of hair?
One last shot of the chairs.  So much work for just 6 weeks!
There are several more detail shots of the items in this build on the way.  Many more to come as soon as I gain access to them again.
Hope you enjoyed the brief tour though!


  1. Wow! You did a fabulous job, and you really captured it! I remember going with my dad to barbershops that looked just like yours.

  2. Wow, this is amazing! I just love so many things about it, but I have to say, the barber pole & chairs are my favorite. You did an incredible job. :-)

  3. What a superb memorial to your father-in-law and wonderful gift to your husband. Your barbershop shows that with miniature scenes we have the freedom to go virtually anywhere in the physical world at any point in time, the very definition of a time traveler! Fabulous!

  4. Congrats! This looks fantastic!!

  5. Congrats! This looks fantastic!!

  6. Lots of atmosphere in the barber shop and I admire the creative use of common materials to make the finishing details! Great work on the barber's pole on the outside!
    Very clever!


  7. The details take my breath away. I will have to come back and look several times to take it all in.
    Such a lovely gift. Expect tears when some see it.

  8. it's really wonderful, you did an awesome job, I love the chairs, the floor, the's like you stepped back in time to an old fashioned barber job (I expect bonnie and clyde to step out any min.)

    great job

  9. You did a fine job, my friend! You've thought of so many great details that I feel as though I've stepped back in time. Bravo to you for pulling off both contest builds this year! Well done!

  10. Lovely work. The barber pole is great.

  11. Fabulous! I like the details.
    Greetings, Faby

  12. What a fabulous project and a special memorial to your father-in-law. It has such a wonderful atmosphere. I love the way you have done the room and the barber pole and chairs are wonderful. It appears to have been a labour of love and it shows.

  13. What a wonderful tribute. As much as I love how the bricks turned out, the barber pole has to be my favorite.

  14. Hey Lyssa, What a great idea! You did a wonderful job and I love that you made so much by hand. The details are great.


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