Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Modern Scene-ene-ene-ene

It's that time of year again!  The time that a good chunk of miniaturists are hunkered down working on one contest or the other... or if you are like Brae and myself, then you are working on both!  *insert maniacal laughter*  We will see if we need straight jackets in October.

I'm going to be hard pressed to share stuff for the Creatin Contest... I will have to check with my consult team, but I think... anything I could show you would give stuff away.  As for my Fling entry, you should be able to get a bunch of shots of that.  :)  I am excited to show you both at the end of the year.  Yea!

For now though, you get a modern scene.  I whipped something together this afternoon, remembering that the deadline for the minismodernas contest was fast approaching!  June 1st, I think.

A few months ago, I went to Michaels and found one of their MVP ball display cases in the "as-is" bin for a cool $7.00.  I bought it, knowing that it would be used for mini stuff, but not sure what. Today, it got used!  I turned it into a cool modern living room that I now need to just be in.  It's cool.  It's funky.  It's artsy. It's me.  In a box with a mirror.  Eeeeeee!

 I think this room might have to stay this way!    I raided my collection, using both gifts, purchases and things that I have made myself.
 I love that part of this box is a mirror.  Not sure that that is something I would want in real life, but it sure does look cool in mini!
 The artwork is stuff from my collection and a print of a impressionists work from the 50's.
 Hehe!  Mirrored image!
 This way cool fantabulous fishtank is from Brae.  It was my birthday present.  :)  I made the stand underneath it out of 1/4 inch square dowels.
 The side board is one of the dollar tree ones, repainted.  I made the basket and books, borrowed the plant from the front stoop of the Tennyson.... Buddha, tray and wheel, candle and lantern are from my collection.  Picture is me and James on our wedding day.
 Couch, chair, pillows and table are my creations.  All but the table are handmade, from scratch, and the table was a repaint.  Chevron!!!!!
 This was a doodle that I cut up and the inverse colored two sections.
 The boys wanted the lizard to go on the tower. :)
 Do you love this light?!  Earlier today it was brass with horrid flower shades.  Now it is painted silver (Matte Hammered Aluminum by Krylon) and has modern orange shades.  LOOOOOOOOVE.
 Another fabulous view of the whole room.  Love the cork floors and natural window trim.
 The chair that I made today!  Wants it. :)  And a better shot of the impressionist art.
 Water color owl (this is the print.)
  Another shot of the table and the lovely centerpiece by Jane of Minifanaticus.
 I got this lamp from Brae, and it was originally black and gold.  Good bones, horrid coloring.  The wonders that some spray paint and paper can do!
 Detail shot of the basket.
 Seriously, I LOVE this room. :)
 A peaceful place to enjoy a drink and a good book-totally necessary, no matter what the scale.  :)
 Brae's fishtank makes a fabulous night light!!
Until I can show you more!  The kids are out of school next week and we have a pretty full summer, but I am hoping to get a giveaway or a swap in there somewhere.  :)  Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Undersized Urbanite results!

My little Tennyson that could was voted into second place!  How exciting!  I get to choose a $50 giftcard from Etsy, Michaels or Homegoods.  The other winners and myself will also be getting a free one year subscription to a Spain based mini magazine, and we will all get a feature as well!
You can see the other winners (Brae and Audra) at Christina's blog.  Here is the link:  Congratulations to Brae and Audra for a fantastic job well done!  I loved both your builds, but I truly loved them all.  Pats on the back for everyone that entered!

A big thank you to Christina for taking the time to host and dealing with the voting snaffu.  I really enjoyed rehabbing this house and learned that I do really great work on a deadline!  Without them, I get bored and move on.... Highland, Orchid, Coventry.....  ;)

As for today, I worked on some furniture and I will be listing these beauties in my Etsy Shop soon.  I will also be getting to work on my entries for both the Spring Fling and the Creatin' Contest.  Don't worry though, I will have things to share along the way!

UPDATE:  All these items have now been listed on Etsy in my shop.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let The Voting Begin!!!

Voting is now open for the Undersized Urabanite!!!  You have through the 12th to vote and winners will be announced on the 13th.


And you can go HERE to see all about my house

Friday, May 3, 2013

Undersized Urbanite Completion- Translated, Looooooooong Post!

I did it!  I can't believe among everything I had going on this Winter/Spring that I actually finished, and the results, well, I couldn't be happier.  This little house has come a long long way and I am going to share every fantastic detail with you.

I picked this house up off of Craigslist for, less than $20... it might have been as little as $10, but no matter the cost, the price was right.  This poor house needed a solid rescue.  All crooked, over painted and drowned in hot glue.... I couldn't wait to fix her up and give her new life.

The house set on a shelf for quite a while as I worked on other houses, projects and Mt Ollopa.  When I finished up Mt Ollopa, Brae suggested that I enter the Undersized Urbanite contest, hosted by Little Victorian, with her.  It occurred to me that the little Tennyson house would be perfect for it... main structure already there, but still totally bashable.

As I have stated before, but will repeat for new followers, I love to use miniatures for home design ideas that I cannot use in my own house (mostly because I don't own it... and I would have to run the ideas by my husband...)   I decided to tackle the Tennyson with a bunch of home decor ideas I had on my various Pinterest boards. I had style plans, paint colors, funky shelves, cool lighting, out of the box wall treatments... all sorts of things ferreted away.  You can see all my original ideas HERE and any that didn't get used, you can be certain that you will see them at some point!

And after 4 months, the Tennyson went from this:

To this:

And from this:

To this:
I replaced and added walls, changed windows and doors, replaced railings and more.
Let's start with the outside first, since it is the most recently finished.

One of the things I get the most compliments on is the details that I put into my houses.  They look lived in and cozy. Warm and inviting.  I don't think the outside is any less than that!

You are greeted at 712 Sparkleberry Trail by a sidewalk and a charming walkway, lined with flowers, groomed lawn and many colorful pots.  
 Sit in the Adirondack chairs out front and enjoy a glass of lemonade while the neighbors garden and the kids play nearby.
 Sunflowers are blooming!  Don't you just want to stuff your face in one?!
 I chose the house number based on my relationship with my husband.  The amount of years we have been together, married and kids.
 I wanted an eclectic set of flower pots to reflect all the ones that I see in stores, but never have the money to buy.
 Even the welcome mat is colorful!
 I LOVE THIS GUY!!!  Yet another thing that I want to have in real life, but haven't found one that I loved and also loved the price.  I drew this little dude out on cardstock, cut him out and then used the bottom of a sharpie to round him appropriately.  Finally, I threw 2 coats of Triple Thick on and then waited for him to dry.
 It's amazing the random things I can find in my crafting drawers, like this little frog.  I made the border fence out of silver floral wire.  The pathway there is a SHINGLE sample from Lowes!

 What seems to be a hit amongst my girlfriends is the detailed painting on the railings.  It was a pain and took two days, but it really is worth it!  And I got to watch a lot of Bones while doing it, so Win-Win!
 I also put a few of my paper birdhouses in the yard and mounted them on base sticks.

And now, we move on to the inside.  

Started out like this, over painted, over glued, with double doors, awful stairs and shelf liner flooring...
 And I turned it into this:
 There isn't one thing in this room that I am dissatisfied about.  I love it all.  And what isn't scratch built, was given to me by other mini friends.
End tables and coffee tables by Cyd of Minimodpod.  Couch by Pepper at MitchyMooMiniatures. Pillows by both of them, too.
 The book stairs are a fabulous example of something I saw, wanted to do, and knew that I couldn't it real life... Can't Have it Big?  Then make it in mini!!!  The dresser that the tv sits on is a natural finish from Dollar Tree that I spray painted white, and the tv has The Vampire Diaries on it.  Mmmmmm, Damon.
 The room is loud with color, but still looks quite comfy and relaxing.
 The design of this room makes me smile.  everything just flows.  :)

Everyone's favorite.  Started out as a an intended kitchen that looked like this:  Again, over painted, over glued, I actually liked the flooring, but it didn't go with what I wanted.
This was the first room I stared on and the first *I WANT IT* that came to fruition, in mini.  The Book Nook.  :)  I added a random wood plank floor, custom shelving and over 200 books.  I also nixed two windows!
All the titles are ones that I have read or would at least recognize.  The blanket is from Mary of Roslyn Treasures and Etsy.  I made some of the pillows and some are souvenirs from my time with Mini Jazzi.

 I added a bean bag, based on a pattern for a hackey sack, and a crate to act as a table and shelf.
 Reading quotes cover the walls and the shelves house more gifts from mini loving friends.
 Hoo Hoo!!!  Book ends by Jane of minifanaticus.


This was one of the hardest rooms for me to bash... I filled in a door, made a new door, and turned the big window into french doors.  I didn't want the stairs to go straight up to the bedroom, so I added a narrow hallway.
 The hallway is just wide and big enough for you to get into the bedroom and bathroom.  I love the french froggy art. :)
 This room houses all the rest of my international goodies.  And since the Murphy bed takes up so much wall space, I decorated the back of it with pictures of postcards.
 This room is a tribute to my desire to travel and all my mini friends, near and far.  :)
 There are gifts in here from Greece, Italy, Mexico, Chicago, NewJersey and more.  :) All the fabric on the bed is from April!
 So clean when the bed is put away!  I am so glad that I bought this rug before HBS discontinued it.  :)
 A peek into the hallway to see the stairs!

This room got the least amount of bashing... just added a new wall.  Someone poor me a bubble bath, STAT!!!
 LOVE. THIS. BATHROOM.  There were a few things that didn't make the cut, since time was running out, but I will add them in the future.  One thing that will get added, some how, is two sconces, either side of the square mirror... and then plumbing for the sink.  I fully intended to, but never went and purchased tubing.
 Now, if only I had one of these in my real home.  I would never come out! Just call me Pruney!!!
All we have is a walk in shower.. not relaxing at all.

I wanted the attic to be both the attic and the guest area... and the Tennyson has the perfect set up for that.  I changed the windows on both sides, though.  A new rectangle window and an octagonal window... that I apparently forgot to paint.... Let's just say it was recently replaced and the owner didn't want to worry about paint in the storage area.  Ha!
 I also gave it a really unique wall treatment in the back, but ended up scraping the idea of painted and worn wooden floors.  I just got tired of cutting and measuring and sanding!
 So it ended up with carpet on one side, and simulated MDF on the other (chipboard!).

I even did my first 1:144 kit!  I will be painting this up and such in the future, but it will always live in the attic.
 These piece here bothers the tar out of me, but I couldn't get it out without bashing in the roof, so I just worked around it and used the lip for storage.
 Blankets are peeping out!!!

And, to make it all the more special, this house is the first that I have fully electrified.  Fully wired, no battery lights and I even made some lights myself!  It really looks so cool for it!

I hope you enjoyed following along with me on this build.  I had so much fun and learned a lot.  Remember, voting starts this Sunday at 8pm at Little Victorian's blog.  Check back then for a post with a link.  Everyone has 3 votes, but only one vote per house!  Congratulations to everyone else that is entering with me and goo luck!