Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Undersized Urbanite: An Eclectic Tennyson

After some prodding from my blogging friends, I am going to enter the Undersized Urbanite.  I am doing this one just for fun.  I know the competition I am going up against and I don't think I will waste my daydreams on delusions of grandeur. HA!

Anyway, for the longest time now, I have wanted to do a Dream House build.  In fact, I have wanted to do several.  That's what my blog name is for, anyway!  There are several things that I would love to have in my big, real life sized home, but time/money/the fact that I rent, make a lot of those things damn near impossible.  SOooooooooo....enter the wonderful world of minis!  Every housewife's dream!  Everything the way you want it.  Everything neat and in its place. Laundry and dishes stay put away, the toilet seat is always down and toilet paper hangs on the roll-instead of lazily placed near(ish) the toilet.  *sigh*  The. Best. Thing. Ever.  And you know, I think that really is the HEART of why I love miniatures so much.

Now, I have a very eclectic style.  I love the simplicity of craftsman style.  The femininity of shabby chic.  The comfort of rustic.  The lines of modern.  I love when random things are upcycled into wonderfully bizarre furniture (piano shelf).  I like color patterns that punch you in the face when you walk into a room.  I also love classic, matchy matchy.  I like the ratty old burnt orange chair that you don't want to get rid of because it is THE most comfortable thing on Earth.  Ugly as sin, but so delightful to sit in.

THIS will be my next build and my entry into Undersized Urbanite.  Me.  Me in a house.  And I will vainly name it after me.  :D

Since I just spent the last 9 months or so hoarding money for Mt Ollopa Lodge, I am going to try to only make things for this house.  Work with materials on hand, and only allow money for electric and for landscaping.

I have some crazy ideas, y'all.  You are going to love it.

Some elements I plan on using are:
                          For the entry way, classic and rustic combo.
Photo from Pinterest, but original credit to The Lemonds Family Blog
                          For the bathroom, upcycling and shabby shelving:
Credit to Be Different, Act Normal
Not sure how I will pull this off in mini, but I will!  You all know I am sucker for a good DIY, mini or big!
Credit to Crafty Nest
Another random item turned into something way cool!
Credit to Pinterest, original link unknown.
I obviously need to have a space with lots of books. :)  This will be in the library study.  Colors will be different, but the basic idea will be the same.

Credit to Hibbing Public Library, but not sure where original goes to past that.
A punch of color!  I LOVE this look. Seriously, love it.  And yes, I will be combining shabby, modern, classic and color, just as they did here.  LOVE. IT.
Credit to unknown source.
And the lovely little attic space?  Yeah.  It'll get something like this.

Credit to Lavender and Ash.

Hope you are looking forward to this as much as me!  Should turn out quite awesome.  :)

PS.  I did two posts in one day!  Here is the other one: Where the Lodge Started


  1. Yay! You will have a ball Lyssa! We all need to have someone to compare successes and failures with along the way! Love your mood boards xx

  2. The balloon lamps, I immediately thought, latex glove -> blow up fingers -> tie off to make tips round. There's your three sizes already built in. Thumb, pinky, and index/ring :D

    This is going to be very cool. The mixture of styles will come together, eclectic is my favorite ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to this, Lyssa! Love all your ideas!

  4. Thanks! I made some pretty good headway tonight. Walls were bashed out completely and new walls were cut. :)

    April, I will give that a shot. Thanks!

  5. I can't wait to see how this project turns out.

  6. Thanks for joining the contest! Your thoughts about creating your dream house are exactly why I wanted to host it. And exactly why I'm working hard to bring this contest to people who have never thought about having a dollhouse.

    So glad you joined in and I can't wait to see what you do! Don't forget that the winners won't be determined by me or a panel, but by the readers. :)

    1. Thanks, Christina! I am really excited about this project. :) The only unfortunate thing, is that in building things that I want in my BIG life, I have a hard time letting go of the dollhouse when I am done. Although, don't we ALL have that problem? :D

      I know the readers will be judging, but still tough competition across the board. I can't wait!

  7. Hiya, your idea sounds totally cool and very this is my place it will be what it is - totally awesome! Can't wait to see it progress and be inspired by your work. I am a total noob to minis so just playing along with the big names for fun.

    Oh I keep imagine you blowing up teeny balloons for those lights :D but I know in clay some use a clay that won't harden as a base then bake the outer layer and poke out the soft clay when the outer is baked and hard. Maybe that will spark some ideas?


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