Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eclectic Tennyson Update

There have been many an improvement on my Eclectic Tennyson rehab for the Undersized Urbanite.  and I mean MANY.  This house, *hangs head* has to be one of the best dollhouse rescues I have made.  You know the ones.  Poorly painted, hot glue oozing out all over, not squared, dirty inside and the usual suspects of mouse droppings.  ICK!  And all it took to save it was a short drive and $20.  Poor neglected house.  :(

So here are some shots of the BEFORE:
When I first brought it home.  The house is sitting on a level surface.

The paint is EVERYWHERE. And there was no sanding done at all it seems. These trims are gone for sure.

Going out on the balcony might give you vertigo. It needs caution tape.

The interior, before I gutted it.  
First thing I did was rip out the disgusting flooring, trim, and bash out walls and the awful stairs:

                                                        Already an improvement!
This picture shows the improvements and mods made straightaway.  Since I knocked out the two walls I cut new walls, with doorways, and made sure that the lower one would accommodate the type of wrap around stairs that I am adding.  Right now, the stairs are just in mockup form with the foam board, but it is seeming pretty straight forward, which generally means it will end up being a total pain. Brae and I had been talking about using these stairs for a while.  She had originally intended them for the Haunted Heritage, but there wasn't enough room.  Now I get to figure out all the headaches before she adds them to Jasper Inlet Light.  Yeaaaaaaa!!!! (barf)

 You will notice that I also added a VERY teensy hallway.  It is just the width of the stairs and the landing is just big enough for the two doors.  It's a paint to paper and deal with, but I think hallways just make a dollhouse so much more convincing.  Don't you?

I love this paper that I chose for the living room.  It's called Blue Circles by Recollections.  The other walls are, I think, Sky Blue by Bazzil.

Here is a better view of just how tiny the hallway is.  The bedroom will be on the left.  It will be done in neutrals with some really great accessories.  The inhabitant is a traveler and book lover.  :)

Here is the start of the book nook that was in my inspiration piece.  I built that structure out of foam board and then just kept on trucking.  As usual, I didn't take pictures.  *Sigh*

I didn't like the idea of double entry doors, so I filled in the extra space with some foam core board and added this door to be the front entry. I have since accidently broken this door. *hangs head*  The flooring is craft sticks, laid out in a random plank fashion, and painted with a custom wash that was a mix of browns and glossy black.    My plan for the bottom right room didn't work with a 3 bay window, so two of them got filled in with foam board also.

TA-DA!  The book nook got some trim, left over from the Greenleaf Laser Cut Outdoor Stairs, some paper.. Diamonds by Recollections and some fabulous fabric that I won from April.  :D

And then it got some more trim and added to the room.  All the walls have been covered with a dark red... not sure what the name is, but it's Bazzil paper.  The floor is craft sticks, cut and sanded in random plank form.  The stain is a combination of browns and glossy black, then 3 coats of glossy modge podge.  The carpet runner is ivory felt and the light up there is from Brae.  I LOVE THAT LIGHT!  Those chairs won't be staying, either.  They will be replaced with........ BEANBAG CHAIRS!!!

 Next to the staircase, surrounding the door, and then eventually carrying over to the window will be shelving.  Filled with books.  And more books.  And some games.  This room is in tribute to my sister. She loves books and would love to have a room like this.  And the stairs... remember the treatment they are getting!  Risers will look like book spines!

The bathroom is coming out so close to what I had in the inspiration post! I had just the right color of paper.  It wasn't quite tall enough, but I plan on putting obnoxiously tall baseboards in, so it's no biggy.
I apologize for the crappy lighting.  I had just dropped my camera and it was, well, angry.

 The bath set was one of my Christmas gifts, from James.  It's the Melissa and Doug set.  The Tub is a perfect fit for what I want for this bathroom.  I'm undecided on whether or not I will use the sink, but the toilet straight went.  I will be getting a more convincing commode, thanks.  For the sink, I am leaning toward using a modern vessel sink.... like that's the one modern upgrade made.  The tub will most likely get a trim and some claw feet.  :D

One of my inspiration photos featured a linen cabinet in sunny yellow.  I made this one. It is bashed Michaels hutch and Dollar Tree vanity, with craft stick bottom.  I still need to add acrylic panes, but I couldn't wait to put it in the bathroom.  :)  So cheery.  The bathroom will also be getting a chunky, bright white, chair rail.  Dark wood floors (which I will make when I am done here) and I may or may not lose the mullions in the windows.  May construct my own working windows....We will see.

And my favorite addition to the house so far.  The Toilet Planter.

Yes.  A toilet. Turned into a planter.


Now, I have floors to make, door holes to cut and way a lot of books to construct.  Oi!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. I can't WAIT to see the stairs!

  3. veo que ya estas metida en las obras de mejora de la casa , y que va muy bien , espero seguir el proyecto



  4. Hahaha! The toilet planter is awesome. :)

    The whole house is looking great. I'm totally in love with (and very jealous of) your book nook.

  5. Wow, you've made a pile of fab changes! Great reading nook :)

  6. Good work lady!! You will Bang that baby into a masterpiece ;P

  7. Thanks, everyone! It's coming along pretty well, but I think I've reached a point where I have to switch gears until I get more supplies. Ran out of wood for shelving and I need doors and stairs.

  8. Wow! You're like a whirlwind, Lyssa, once you get started! So impressive and so colourful! Love that toilet planter! That book nook is a masterpiece! Love your work!

  9. What a lucky house to have someone who cares for it! It's looking good!

  10. Your book nook is divine! I so wish I had room for one of those in my real house:)

  11. Yeah...totally missed this post. :\

    Hooray for you figuring out the wrap mean, thanks! :D

    The book nook is divine. I need to have one of those in real life someday.

    There was seriously a story in the paper about a town being all up in arms about a woman's toilet planter in her front yard. :D Haaaa!

    1. Meh, you do so much hard thinking, I can pick up some slack. :)

      If anyone tries to up in arms my planter, I will squish them. :D


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