Saturday, June 30, 2012

Skeleton Tree

As you all know, I am working on a top secret _______________ for the HBS Creatin' Contest.  A major part of the feel of this build is the landscaping, and by landscaping, I mean TREES!  I wandered and scoured the internet for ideas.  I found some that looked like they would work, but they weren't realistic enough for me.  Then I checked ebay, and sure enough, you can buy them..... for $40.  I don't work with that kind of budget, so that wouldn't work for me. Then, LIGHTBULB!  I am best friendly friends with one of the most realistic miniaturists out there!  So, bingity bing bing, I contacted Brae and she told me to track down and take a look at "Master Miniaturists Landscaping Primer," a DVD tutorial by Diane Myrick.  Awesome!  

So, obviously, Brae,  needing a tree for the Haunted Heritage, suggested that we do and debut together.  What a treat for you all, eh?  Do make sure that you swing by her blog and check out the tree she made to loom over Grandma's rickety old mansion.  :)  Right now, we both only have the skeleton.  It will get it's second step late tonight, and after drying time, we may show you more!

For now, may I present "Skeletor" aka, my tree. I plan on having something a little more svelte, like a birch, while she will probably have something more hefty, like a maple or live oak.  I used 24 pieces of white floral wire and had to take his picture in front of the computer monitor with some fabric over it so you could see him.  He doesn't show up too well against my white walls.  :D  Not counting the builders foam base, "Skeletor" is 18" tall and nearly 15" across the widest point.  The next step will include some putty, carving and painting.  Then we are on to foliage.  It's summer time at the ___________________.  Thanks, Pea, for the information and sorta team build.  :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome, Garfield!

Last night, in my craigslist perusing with James, I  stumbled across a Garfield kit that was partially started, for only $35.  !!!!  And it was still available this morning.  :) So I went and got it, of course.  The people whom were selling it are some of the sweetest elderly souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Dorothy seemed quite pleased that someone of my age was not only excited to buy this house, but also had an already crazily large collection at home.  We chatted for a while about dolhouses, crafting, kids and the importance of time.  She was sad that she never got to get around to fixing up this house, but I assured her that I would send pictures of its progress.  Unfortunately, I will not be getting around to this house for quite a while, so I will have to send pictures of other builds until then.

So, in case you weren't quite believing Greenleaf when they stated that this house is huge, let me reiterate.  This. House. Is. Huge.  Oh my goodness! What have I gotten myself into?!  When I first started building dollhouses two years ago (yes you read that correctly) I immediately wanted a Garfield.  Now, even with my bit of prowess now, I can see that this house will greatly improve my erm, naughty language vocabulary.

There are sooooooooo many pieces to this house.  The first owner (not the people I bought it from) had started the foundation and the staircases.  And all I can say is ICK.  I will have a bit of undoing before I can start the actual doing.  The stuff that IS put together was done with hot glue.... Feel free to collectively groan with me.  Then, the main staircase, which is one of my favorite features in the Garfield, is painted entirely silver with these weird glass rock things glued to the stingers.... ???? Wha??!  So that will be going.... painted a proper color and carpeted, perhaps.  The other staircase is.... red velvet cake... red.  Yes, you read that correctly, too.  *shudder*  I have already pulled up the floor that was also glued in with hot glue.

So, here it is. In pictures.  My $35 score.  Even with the mistakes that need to be rectified, I am so stoked.

The BOX is as wide as the door....

and it's nearly door knob height.  And HEAVY.

Here is the started foundation.  The tile is hot glued to a piece of cardboard and then hotglued to the foundation.
The wood floor is nice, but streaky.  I will see if I can salvage it.  There are apparently more parts for this in my tub  o' pieces.

The tiles that this is sitting on are 8" tiles.... rough idea of size there.

The parquet is beautiful, but all uneven because of HOT GLUE. *sigh*

The tub o' parts.  :)

The stairs with their eclectic decorating.

SO, there is some work to do, but the fun will start soon.  But, I need to finish the ___________ first.  And the Orchid.... and the rehab for a little girl's birthday.  Oi!  Not to mention the Westville rehab, the Tennyson rehab... the Washington to build, the Walmer Shoppe to rehab, the Glencroft to build, the Thornhill to rehab.... the Rosehill Cottage and a Beauty and the Beast library for my sister.  Aaaaaah!  Better get started, eh?!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A quick peek!

There isn't much of my current build that I can show you that won't give it away....  but I thought this shot of the counter would be harmless.  :)  Enjoy!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A shopping we should go!

A lot of my work has been on my HBS entry and I cannot share that with you.  I can, however, share the new book collection with you and the new items listed in my Etsy shop.

Hunger Games Series!

Fifty Shades of Grey!

A whole lot of interesting:

You can also find the Twilight books:

The set of Nicholas Sparks books would be great for any bookcase:

Sweet signs to hang in your dollhouse:

A side table to set books on:

 A hall tree to hang your coat in:

 Each a labor of love and each ready to go to a new home.  :)  The Hunger Games and Fifty Shades are not listed yet, but will be soon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Items in Etsy

Did you see the hall tree that I made?  Did you like it and want your own?  Well there is one waiting for you to scoop it up at my etsy shop!  It, too, is stained walnut, features 3 cubbies on the bottom and has 3 hooks for hanging things.

I will be working away tonight, so check back later tonight or during the week for new items: including bar stools, a patio bar, signs, paintings, bed, bench, tables.... You name it!  Inspiration has struck and we ALL can benefit from it.

I will also be doing a "Yea Summer!" giveaway at the end of the week.  :)  So look forward to that!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mini Loot

Every once in a while, James lets me splurge a few dollars at D's Miniatures on ebay.  Let me tell you, her store is really exciting.  It is full of all sorts of accessories, tools and even battery operated lights.  And everything she has is really fairly priced.  I have purchased trim and nearly all my glass ware from her.  I also got the sink for my ____________ and my EZ Cutter from her, too.

Want to hear the best part?  Order more than $25 and your shipping is FREE!  Unfortunately, this is only for US customers, but I am sure that her shipping for international is very accommodating.  Someone let me know if it is different.

This time around, I got a pair of high heels-they will find a home in the Orchid; a squirrel-he will live at the __________________.

 A turtle planter and large white vase, both of which will live at the __________, but upon receiving the vase, it might end up in a future build.  Then I got a set of 4 tumbler glasses, keys and hooks for the hall tree.

So tiny!!!
Head on over there and take a look!

Friday, June 1, 2012

SNEAK PEEK for the Creatin' Contest

I saw these pieces of furniture on Pinterest and just KNEW that I needed it for __________________________, my 2012 Creatin' Contest entry.

So I rounded up some wood circles, some toothpicks, wood glue and the mini drill and got to work.  Once I was sure it was all lined up right, I stained in mahogany and then dry brushed it with White Wash by Americana.  Glue it all together, give it a sand, add some accessories and:

This one I just cut wood and stained it in walnut.  I will be adding hooks later.  So excited about it!

How do you think I did?  I love comments, so comment away!