Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumn Activities

leave little time for mini work!

We went to the county fair last week and even though they have raised their prices and the kids couldn't ride hardly anything, we had a really good time.

All week has been Halloween prep and today was the start of the weekend festivities with the Annual Halloween Party that our giant playgroup does.  :)  Have you ever seen a cuter clown or puppy?!  Tomorrow we hang at a pumpkin patch and corn maze.  On Suday, we will carve pumpkins and do crafty things and then on Monday it's trick-or-treating.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tiny Good Reads

With the colder weather approaching for many of us, nothing is better than a warm blanket and a cold book.  Or for us miniaturists, nothing beats making those books.  Here's what I made today in just a few minutes:

I had to include the Twilight Saga since I am getting so excited about the impending release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1, in theaters!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Copy and Inspiration

Which of these is not like the other?  A friend of mine has come under fire and I am quite upset about it.  I don't wish to say anything negative about anyone, so I won't, but REALLY!?!?
**click the photo to see the whole thing**

Come on, people!   With 7 billion people on the planet, a few of us our bound to have the same idea at some point.  Have you met Brae and myself?  We formed a friendship over situations very similar to this.  Difference is, we treated it as a funny and have continued to do so every time since it first happened.

If miniaturists are going to go under fire for copyright infringement or who took who's damn idea first, then I am sad to day that we are all screwed.  Those of you that make mini chairs?  Wait for the furniture companies to come and get you.  You mini cake makers?!  Ace of Cakes is going to be mad.  Mini food makers?  Beware of the local grocers.  The farmers may get upset that you are moving in on their carrot sales.  Who cares if it's made out of polymer clay?!  Your tiny carrot looks just like MY carrot!!!  SUE!

By very definition, a miniature model or replica is an exact scaled copy of a life size item.  We don't cater to the same markets, people!!  So you get the tiny deer head.  You don't hang it above your life size couch and say, "Hey, friend!  Look at this deer head I bought!  It was a fraction of the price of the one you can get at __________"  Well guess what buddy, it's also a fraction of the size!  Deeeerrrrrrrrrrrr.

And for the record, the smaller deer head differs in a few ways.  Different noses, different antlers and different ears. Let's not forget that the small one will fit in the palm of your hand.  For that matter, the shape is different, too.

I am frustrated that someone working in a different field felt it necessary to get all hot and bothered by such a compliment as a miniaturist gaining inspiration for a modified dollhouse miniature.  Note that I said *modify* not *duplicate*

Definition of *inspiration* and some similar words: (COPIED from
1. imaginationcreativityingenuitytalentinsightgeniusproductivityfertilitystimulationoriginalityinventivenessclevernessfecundityimaginativeness A good way of getting inspiration is by looking at others' work.

Noun1.inspiration - arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity
ideathought - the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about; "it was not a good idea"; "the thought never entered my mind"
germsourceseed - anything that provides inspiration for later work
mother - a condition that is the inspiration for an activity or situation; "necessity is the mother of invention"
afflatus - a strong creative impulse; divine inspiration; "divine afflatus"

Definition of *copy* and similar words: (COPIED from

.copy - a thing made to be similar or identical to another thing; "she made a copy of the designer dress"; "the clone was a copy of its ancestor"
anamorphosisanamorphism - a distorted projection or perspective; especially an image distorted in such a way that it becomes visible only when viewed in a special manner
carbon copycarbon - a copy made with carbon paper
castingcast - object formed by a mold
duplicationduplicate - a copy that corresponds to an original exactly; "he made a duplicate for the files"
facsimileautotype - an exact copy or reproduction
imitation - something copied or derived from an original
knockoffclone - an unauthorized copy or imitation
miniaturetoy - a copy that reproduces a person or thing in greatly reduced size
modification - slightly modified copy; not an exact copy; "a modification of last year's model"
photocopy - a photographic copy of written or printed or graphic work
print - a copy of a movie on film (especially a particular version of it)
quadruplicate - any four copies; any of four things that correspond to one another exactly; "it was signed in quadruplicate"
replicareproductionreplication - copy that is not the original; something that has been copied
representation - a creation that is a visual or tangible rendering of someone or something
triplicate - one of three copies; any of three things that correspond to one another exactly
xeroxxerox copy - a copy made by a xerographic printer

Next, people will want to be suing painters that paint landscapes and portraits saying that they are breaking copyrights of Mother Nature and mothers alike.  Yeesh.  It's a sad, sad world when artists can be threatened with a lawsuit over where they obtain their inspiration.  
 Personally, I don't think there is a lick of infringement going on, nor is there any other thing worth suing over going on.  Except maybe harassment, slander and down right childish attitudes from the unmentioned third party that clearly has nothing better to do than be... we will go with *unpleasant*.  

Friend, I am sorry that someone felt like they had to insert themselves into your life and attack your art and creativity.  I think that you have handled this very maturely and have gone above and beyond in what you should have done in the situation.  I don't think that you should be forced to quit selling your item, nor do I think that you should have to remove your post where you are exercising your 1st amendment right to voice your irritation.  Not once, do you say anything foul about the third party- even thought they have been up and down all of your avenues with far less decorum than you have exhibited.  I hope you pull out from under this shadow quickly and amaze us with your next creation.

To third party that shall remain unnamed- stand up and pull out the antlers.  Maybe you will feel better then. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Instaling the Bay Win...sidetracked.

I know, I am taking forever at posting!  Life keeps hitting crazy, crazy days and I just don't have enough time.  Remind me, when I die, to come back as a freaking magical wizard that can stop time.  :)  Ha!

A few days ago, if not longer than that ago, I got the bay window installed.  I painted the inside of windows Snow (Titanium) White by Americana after I gave the whole thing a good sanding.  Then there was lots of glue and clamping and taping and hollering at the design.  Ha!  Before I glued it onto the side of the house, I measured out the two gaps and covered them with coffee stir sticks that I bought from Ann.  I painted them a really pretty purple, Wisteria by Americana.  Then I did a quick tape up check on the side of the house.

I planned on this window housing a herb garden, so I built a custom shelf for it using some more of the coffee sticks.  The shelf has three sections to it, each of which will hold a pot of herbs.  There will be a large pot and a small basket directly on the sill.  The basket will hold seed packets, scissors and a pair of gloves.  I plan on hanging two plants at the top, too.  Yea for plants.  :)

Hopefully, I will get to all this before the wedding!  (which is only 8 weeks away now)

As far as things sidetracking me, the wedding is a big one.  I had to get the invites out and I have been working on other plans for that.  You never think they would be so much work, but it's all the pesky details that get you.  Plus, it is fall, and I love to be outside with the kids at this time of year. And this is the time of year that I start doing a lot of crafts with them.  Coloring and such:

Cheese cloth ghosts, yarn spider and a construction paper/lunch bag haunted house.
And I made this for myself while they were coloring.  Michaels had these plain metal signs that I just painted with acrylic.  I love it.  :)

I am currently working on illustrating a book called The Grieving Party which will be released later this year.  This book will be so great for women.  It's a collection of short stories and some tips and such- self help book on how women should deal with a massive breakup.  It's going to go #1.  Love it.  But you will have to wait to see the art in that book.  :)

I also took on a commissioned painting for a friend of mine back in Idaho.  She and her fiance wanted a painting of the wheat harvest and I thoroughly enjoyed painting it.  Idaho is so pretty in Autumn.  I have never painted a piece of farm equipment before so please be appropriately impressed. Ha!

Plus, I did a swap with Dale of dalesdreams.  She sent me some fabulous chair cushions that look right at home in my cozy kitchen and some teensy perfume bottles.  Both things that I am not sure I could make myself, as they are so delicate.  I adore them and Dale!  Thanks, friend! (which I do not have pictures of because I sacrificed my camera batteries to a toy today.  The life of a mother.)

In return, I sent her a couple paintings and a crate.

Next weekend, we will be venturing to the fair.  If you love keeping up with my lively minis, Cayce and Charlie, look for that post. I absolutely LOVE the county fair. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paper counters and printed tiles

I found a big reason to not getting anything done lately!  Look at the state of my craft room!!! Oi.  I need a weekend of nice weather and motivation to clean this baby up.  What you can't see here, is bags full of crap all over the place.  That first picture is my 4' x 5' work table-with no work space on it.  Notice the work table beyond, too.  It's just as full.  *sigh*  Who wants to come babysit ME and keep me on task?!  :)

Since I did the baseboards and trim in this room, I decided to start making the furnishings for it.  First, I made a small corner counter that houses the mini refridgerator.  It is made out of balsa, cardboard and basswood.  The *tile* top is a printout that I found online with a random google search.  I lined the remaining counter with white paper, scored lines for *grout* and then put on a few coats of Modge Podge Gloss.

The kitchen counter is currently mocked up in paper.  The sink is on the left with a small cupboard below.  Squiggle lines to the right will be a curtain covering open shelves.  The part that sticks out will have a very small efficiency stove with two burners and an oven just big enough to bake a cake.

Over the counter there will be several open shelves for the dishes.  Utensils will be in pitchers on the counter, along with canisters and decor.  In the corner, a pot rack will hang from the ceiling.  

The empty hole is for the bay window- that I have yet to tackle.  It will house a herb garden, featuring a shelf and hanging plants.  I am loving this kitchen!  I am usually not a fan of so much white, but I love it!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back in the saddle again!

Or, the kitchen that is. Ha!

A cold front rolled into Florida last night, so I woke up to a nice fall morning.  Eeeep!  Leaped out of bed and threw open all the windows, first thing.  Before coffee even!  I know, whaaaa?  I love days that I don'thave to run the central air/heat at all.  It's divine.  It was a perfectly beautiful day and I spent most of it outside, but I did make sure to stop smelling the sweet autumn air and get something done on the Orchid.

So, up went baseboards and trims in the kitchen and I made a door from scrap wood.  I still have the bay window left, but it confuses the crap out of me, so I am leaving it for a better day.  All the trim throughout the house will be done in Snow (Titaniu,) White by Americana.  The door between the living room and kitchen is painted in Cool White by Americana.

The door doesn't fit snugly and has gaps above and below, but I love that for the cottage.  Tiny, drafty house.  :)

Here are the pictures:

I am off to start working on counters and shelving for the kitchen!