Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paper counters and printed tiles

I found a big reason to not getting anything done lately!  Look at the state of my craft room!!! Oi.  I need a weekend of nice weather and motivation to clean this baby up.  What you can't see here, is bags full of crap all over the place.  That first picture is my 4' x 5' work table-with no work space on it.  Notice the work table beyond, too.  It's just as full.  *sigh*  Who wants to come babysit ME and keep me on task?!  :)

Since I did the baseboards and trim in this room, I decided to start making the furnishings for it.  First, I made a small corner counter that houses the mini refridgerator.  It is made out of balsa, cardboard and basswood.  The *tile* top is a printout that I found online with a random google search.  I lined the remaining counter with white paper, scored lines for *grout* and then put on a few coats of Modge Podge Gloss.

The kitchen counter is currently mocked up in paper.  The sink is on the left with a small cupboard below.  Squiggle lines to the right will be a curtain covering open shelves.  The part that sticks out will have a very small efficiency stove with two burners and an oven just big enough to bake a cake.

Over the counter there will be several open shelves for the dishes.  Utensils will be in pitchers on the counter, along with canisters and decor.  In the corner, a pot rack will hang from the ceiling.  

The empty hole is for the bay window- that I have yet to tackle.  It will house a herb garden, featuring a shelf and hanging plants.  I am loving this kitchen!  I am usually not a fan of so much white, but I love it!


  1. I'm planning a similiar fridge, open shelves, bay window...

  2. I`m so happy to see the pictures from your hobby room!!! Makes me happy, it`s not just my room.
    Your kitchen will be lovely, looking forward to see more.


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