Saturday, October 15, 2011

Instaling the Bay Win...sidetracked.

I know, I am taking forever at posting!  Life keeps hitting crazy, crazy days and I just don't have enough time.  Remind me, when I die, to come back as a freaking magical wizard that can stop time.  :)  Ha!

A few days ago, if not longer than that ago, I got the bay window installed.  I painted the inside of windows Snow (Titanium) White by Americana after I gave the whole thing a good sanding.  Then there was lots of glue and clamping and taping and hollering at the design.  Ha!  Before I glued it onto the side of the house, I measured out the two gaps and covered them with coffee stir sticks that I bought from Ann.  I painted them a really pretty purple, Wisteria by Americana.  Then I did a quick tape up check on the side of the house.

I planned on this window housing a herb garden, so I built a custom shelf for it using some more of the coffee sticks.  The shelf has three sections to it, each of which will hold a pot of herbs.  There will be a large pot and a small basket directly on the sill.  The basket will hold seed packets, scissors and a pair of gloves.  I plan on hanging two plants at the top, too.  Yea for plants.  :)

Hopefully, I will get to all this before the wedding!  (which is only 8 weeks away now)

As far as things sidetracking me, the wedding is a big one.  I had to get the invites out and I have been working on other plans for that.  You never think they would be so much work, but it's all the pesky details that get you.  Plus, it is fall, and I love to be outside with the kids at this time of year. And this is the time of year that I start doing a lot of crafts with them.  Coloring and such:

Cheese cloth ghosts, yarn spider and a construction paper/lunch bag haunted house.
And I made this for myself while they were coloring.  Michaels had these plain metal signs that I just painted with acrylic.  I love it.  :)

I am currently working on illustrating a book called The Grieving Party which will be released later this year.  This book will be so great for women.  It's a collection of short stories and some tips and such- self help book on how women should deal with a massive breakup.  It's going to go #1.  Love it.  But you will have to wait to see the art in that book.  :)

I also took on a commissioned painting for a friend of mine back in Idaho.  She and her fiance wanted a painting of the wheat harvest and I thoroughly enjoyed painting it.  Idaho is so pretty in Autumn.  I have never painted a piece of farm equipment before so please be appropriately impressed. Ha!

Plus, I did a swap with Dale of dalesdreams.  She sent me some fabulous chair cushions that look right at home in my cozy kitchen and some teensy perfume bottles.  Both things that I am not sure I could make myself, as they are so delicate.  I adore them and Dale!  Thanks, friend! (which I do not have pictures of because I sacrificed my camera batteries to a toy today.  The life of a mother.)

In return, I sent her a couple paintings and a crate.

Next weekend, we will be venturing to the fair.  If you love keeping up with my lively minis, Cayce and Charlie, look for that post. I absolutely LOVE the county fair. 


  1. Your window looks great cant wait to see it filled. What a busy bee you are lol. The pictures are wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  2. I`m so impressed, your painting is wonderful!
    Your window will be great with a lot of flowers.


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