Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Where the Lodge Started

When I first decided to enter this challenge, it was right before we were supposed to move into a new house, so it sat in mock form for a while.  Brae was really good about poking me with a cyber stick to get moving though.  :)

Here is the initial dry fit.  I love how quickly it goes together.  See that the door was originally over to the side.

I always knew that I was going to add that addition to the "back" and turn it into the "front."  And I knew that I would be using a sliding glass door to go out to the deck, although, the original deck was much bigger.  The chimney and fireplace were also something I intended on adding, but their location changed when I decided I really wanted to add a bathroom.

This little frame here, was supposed to be the removable wall.  It was going to be a wall of long, skinny windows.  I loved the idea, but ended up not doing it a) for time constraint and b) after discussing it with Brae, decided that the aesthetics were better without it.

This end stayed pretty true to plan, except that I knocked out a window.  I didn't think that you should look through a window and see the side of a staircase.  The inspiration house had a spiral stair, but I wanted something a little more rustic.  Thinking back, I think log step stairs would have been AMAZING, but I do like the maple on white that I went with.

The inside layout changed a bit, too.  I had to fill in the door gap, fill in and raise the window that busted into the bathroom (this happened when I decided to do a wall-to-wall-floor-to-ceiling slate shower) and the little window in the kitchen got moved over.  I also cut a large arch in the middle.

It wasn't until after we moved that I finally got the wood cut.  And this puppy took up the work table for the entire time.  It wasn't really movable, at all.

 I had even cut the window pieces, but hadn't sanded them down yet.  I also did this with the Dremel Trio, since it was before I had my band saw.  Note that the roof was planned to be solid.  But then I realized you couldn't really see the loft bedroom and office, so it was later changed to a U-shape like Greenleaf Dollhouse Kits are.  This roof board, was then planned to be used as the deck board.... before I scrapped that plan, too!!  HA!  Cutting and fitting the rest of the loft floor was a PAIN in the rear.

Even in mock view, I love this angle!

Next, we will move on to individual rooms.  First being the entry way.  It was a quick and easy tackle and it really gave me a feel for how the rest of the house was going to turn out.  I loved it instantly!


  1. It's hard to believe its humble beginnings! You did so much work this year. :D

  2. What a huge amount of work to get from A to B. The shifts and changes you made along the way really worked out fab!

  3. It's remarkable what you have done with this simple little structure. Imagination certainly is a wonderful tool! I have always believed that imagination and persistence work together in the accomplishment of our goals. What is one without the other! You have both, Lyssa!

  4. Thank you, all of you! It really was a lot of work. Some of my best work, and really an enjoyable experience. I can't believe it started out as such a bland shell heap of wood and foam!

  5. me quedo a la espera de ver tus progresos...

  6. What a great project and great photos. I am working on a cabin myself. Good luck in the contest. Troy


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