Monday, August 13, 2012

A Jet Setting Mini Jazzi!

Some of you may not know, but I am partaking in Mini Jazzi's upcoming travels.  I am one of the 24 hostesses that she will be visiting in her world travels.  She has 9 countries to get to, and over a dozen stops in the United States alone.  She will even visit Florida twice!  Since there are so many places to go and Mini Jazzi is not telling anyone where her next stops are (and us hostesses are sworn to secrecy) I have no idea when she will be here.  Could be a few weeks, or it could be nearly 2 years.  Fingers crossed for the fall months though.  Coming to Gainesville, Mini Jazzi really needs to be indoctrinated into the phenomenon known as Gator Football.  Welcome to the home of Tim Tebow!  So, no matter what, The Swamp will certainly be a stop.  :)

Along with that, I hope that she comes when my family is doing some fun things.  Florida is a very touristy state and there is a lot to see. :)

As far as lodging goes, I will have to finish up the cottage, just in case she gets here before December, and she can't stay in the ____________.  I will discuss it with her though.  Maybe she will be willing to stay in the nicer digs and keep my secret for a little bit.  :)

Totally psyched for her to show up in my rocking little household!!!


  1. I could think of a small side trip, though it would be a complete coincidence. ;D

    1. I totally thought about that! Two trips for the price of one. :) Hopefully I will end up with her in late September. BPV would be a WONDERFUL place to sleep!!!!

    2. sounds like you 2 are up to something??? lol

    3. If she shows up here before I board my plane, she will get two trips for the price of one, with me! :) I wonder if her flights will get her here by then...

  2. que bien que vayas a recibir a minijazzi, seguro que se encontrara como en casa cuando este contigo ahora solo falta que llegue



  3. I know how excited you are! I am also. Of course none of us knows when she will arrive. She will have her pick of places to bed down here. She will probably get here after the Fling contest is done, so she will have a place to______ also. Now that she is on the road I see how excited everyone is becoming. I love reading about peoples plans for her. Everything depends of what time of year she will arrive here. Can't wait!

  4. Hi! Isn't it lovely how excited we are all?!! Love to read everybody's preparations!!! :)

  5. Somos compañeras!
    MJ también vendrá a México
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación


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