Saturday, June 25, 2011

Detail Shots of the Spring Fling Build

This is an eye candy post! I just wanted to show you guys some more of the finer details of this build. :] I am so proud of it.

This shot is to show you the mural better, along with the sidewalk art. I made the lamp out of black polymer clay and the side walk is MDF board.

Here is another shot of the mural:

The sign is made out of cardboard. I glued ribbon around the edge and painted it using Bittersweet Chocolate from Americana. That is also the color of all the trim.

The mailbox is made out of fimo, too. The stucco you see on the exterior of the building is watered down Elmer's Wood Filler that I sponged on all over. The color of paint is Glidden's Gold Coast White.

Like everything else, all of this is made. The bench is a random kit I had lying around in my pile of stuff. The tree is wire armatures wrapped in brown floral tape and covered with goops of wood filler. The foliage is finely chopped reindeer moss. The parking meter is fimo. The pot in the background is wooden candle holder with random clippings of silk plant filler and floral tape leaves.

This was a great shot of the Beemer. :]

Another shot of the planter on the corner:

The trash can is made out of fimo, a clear film canister and some mesh stuff that I stole from James. :]

The mural in progress on the other side of the building:

A great shot down the sidewalk:

Some detail in the studio:

Scratch built counter, printie cash register, plastic bags. See? I told you all that the subtle window shades would work!

A close up of some of my art. These will all be on etsy later on (if someone doesn't buy the whole house, out right, that is)

Oh! I forgot to mention that those flowers are not made by me either. I bought them last year at a craft fair.

Close up of Second story art:

More second story art; the teeny tiny tags are what were giving me trouble a few weeks back. I would have them lined up perfectly on the computer and then they would print out all whacked out. >:[ Very aggravating!

More paintnings!

The lovely shelf I got from Ann of Amazing Miniatures a while back. I sanded it a bit and then painstakingly painted it.... I like it though!

Downward shot of the supply room. Everything in here is made.

I used to watch Bob Ross's show every afternoon when I was growing up. :]

All the little bottles are made out of white fimo that I painted to give a messier finish and then applied a printed label to them. The cupboards are bashed Michael's hutches.

A roll of drafting paper, Bucket of pencils. Paintbrushes are fimo and real bristles. You can actually paint with them!

More art accessories and a couple aprons to keep the students from getting too messy. These ones in particular are new and still clean. :] A step stool has been provided to reach those items on the top shelves.

Wash buckets for outside mural work.

A cash donation box for supply funding for the students. The owner makes her money off of the tuition of the class(es) only.

I made the inspirational posters by taking quotes by famous artists and putting them on pictures of their artwork or a simple block of color. I then printed them and covered both sides with contact paper. The display rack is made out of a stiff white fabric and some craftily put together wood scraps. ;]

A great detail shot of paint supplies:

I loved the lighting in this picture:

"Do not fear mistakes-there are none (in art)" ~ Miles Davis
"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" ~ Picasso
"The aim of art is not represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." ~Aristotle

A color wheel to remind the students how to mix colors!
"Art is not what you see but what you make others see" ~Degas
"There are painters that transform the sun into a yellow spot, but then there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun." ~Picasso

A modern metal roof with skylights!

It is pretty snazzy looking, isn't it?

Front of the Gallery:

Peeking in the window:

How stinking cool is this? :D o.O

A shot at some of my found sculptures and one that I made. I stacked all the punch outs from the tiny windows!

Monopoly horse guy gets a makeover!

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right" Part of a necklace. It has a match on the other end of the gallery.

The rustic balsa frame is my favorite!

I love all the paintings in here!

Check out the cool paper cranes I got from Ann! They were a gift from her and this is a great use for them!

Here is another one along with my faux light:

I made these lights using tiny terracotta pots that I lined with foil and painted white. The "light bulb" is a clear plug from the good ol' Lite Brite!

Fun shot of the second story in the Gallery:

One of my favorite shots out of the whole 115 I took!

Painting is a messy job sometimes!

A good set up for mural painting.

Wrapped gallery canvas? Why, yes, I did. :]

Awesome light for this detail shot.

A close up of the messy paint sink. The students here are much better at taking brushes, palettes and cups out of the sink then I am in my own studio. ;)

"If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint" ~ Edward Hopper


And a final shot of the outside:

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! I had a wonderful time doing this build. It is my very first completed project and I am so proud to have done something from scratch from start to finish. :]


  1. It's great to see close up of your work. Everything is so colorful. So much to take in!

    Also.. loveeeeee what you did with the bookcase!

  2. Oh, I'm glad! You were going to be my biggest critic on that one!

    I'm a big fan of color and it will probably be used this much if I can get it up and running in real life!

  3. Wow! Very cute. The exterior is very original and the interior are deteiled. Excellent!!
    Bye Faby

  4. This is really cool, Lyssa!

  5. Love what you did with the building! Those colours are fab and a bit wacky. I can see this gallery as a place where people love to come and browse, or have a go at painting themselves. Very inviting.

  6. I love how vibrant this is. You've done a great job =0)

  7. I absolutely LOVE your finished studio! Everything looks so wonderful and your paintings are stunning!

    You are quite creative too; using terracotta pots and "lite brites" for light fixtures. Breaking up the Michael hutches to create your own look. Everything is amazing! I especially appreciate you explaining how you made things. It's really an inspiration!

  8. Megan, thank you so much! You made my night and brought tears to my eyes. :) ♥ ♥ ♥


  9. I love this art studio. I bet an actual art studio would love to display it for you.


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