Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ageless Promise: A Gallery and Studio - Spring Fling 2011

*****It is my goal later on in life to open a gallery and studio for the community to teach people how to paint and draw and sculpt; give kids, young adults and adults alike, a safe space to create and express themselves. I also want to give the undiscovered and unsupported artist a chance to show their creations off in a professional setting with opportunities to be *discovered* and make sales. As an artist myself, I know how hard it is and how discouraging it can be to get your foot in the proverbial door. Since it isn't something I could conceivably achieve at this moment, I decided to make it in miniature, and I think the results are glorious. The name Ageless Promise comes from my deep seeded belief that anyone, of any age, can produce beautiful works of at art at any time, even if they have never put brush to canvas before. I believe, that everyone holds artistic promise and has an undiscovered potential, no matter the age. ******

The moment you all have been waiting for! The grande unveiling of my Spring Fling build! Hold your horses though, because I have some background information first. No cheating and zooming to the pictures!!!! I mean it!! Get your finger off the scroll button!!!

I came up with this idea for this kit as soon as I saw the kit release in March. I have been wanting to do a gallery with an onsite student studio for quite some time now. I had seen kits that suggested they would work well with it, but none that screamed: I AM A GALLERY! at me, until this new kit. The idea came to me quick, along with color schemes, which parts to use, what to make... I could hardly keep up with the creative process that was in my head. I feverishly ordered everything I needed and then proceeded to check my email, like, every five minutes waiting for Greenleaf to say that they had shipped it. I was pretty cranky by day 2 and no shipment and I was downright crotchety and snarky by day 7.... I was reading all over the forum how people had already received theirs (but ordered after me) and putting it in dry fit. WHERE WAS MY KIT?!?!??! Surely, I would not have enough time to finish if they did not get it to me soon! (Take note, I am writing this more than a week ahead of the deadline, so clearly, I had enough time.)

When it did finally get here, I was elated! And I put the whole thing into dry fit within an hour. :] Did I mention that I LOVE laser cut wood? I feel so sad for the 3 die cut kits in my craft room. :[ I will be cursing them with my splinter ridden fingers and piles upon piles of sandpaper.

So. I suppose I will just show you the finished product first and then there will be a series of posts about the process. The very long, long process. I learned quite a bit with this experience though. For example, watered down wood filler makes a FABULOUS mini stucco. It really is better to measure twice and cut once. It is a ton easier to paper/paint BEFORE you build. MDF is a fabulous wood for a base, but I am not sure I would use it for a house...

And as a tid bit of important information. nearly EVERYTHING in this house is hand made by me with a few exceptions:
1)BMW out front is something I borrowed from James.
2)Metal statues are painted Monopoly pieces.
3)Display shelf is an original mini from Ann of Amazing Miniatures
4)Hanging origami cranes are also from Ann.

Everything else, is scratch built or bashed by me, including all the tiny paintings. They are all original works of art and I used an actual paintbrush and acrylic paint on tiny canvas. :]

The front-left view of Ageless Promise:

The back-right view of Ageless Promise:

The studio addition:

The supply room:

Bottom floor Gallery, left side:

Bottom floor Gallery, right side:

Top floor Gallery:


  1. AMAZING! I stand and applaud you, my friend! I will come back to study this more later, but at first glance I was just blown away. The street scene is an awesome idea! :D

  2. :D *Takes a bow* I look forward to a lengthy email of notes. :]

  3. LOVE IT! Spectacular! The first picture really looks human scale. You can tell that there was a lot of work is put into the studio. It's also nice to hear that laser scale kits is a huge step above the die cut ones.

    I really admire your goal to create a studio and gallery one day. I hope that dream comes true!

  4. Very beautiful!! What a great idea to turn this house into a gallery with studio!! :-)
    Great work.

    Hugs Jollie

  5. ¡ QuĂ© preciosidad ! Me encanta


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