Wednesday, June 1, 2011

34 Days to Go!

Usually, by now, fans of Greenleaf's Spring Fling would be drooling massive amounts all over their keyboards. Since Dean changed the deadline this year, we are all going through a bit of *eye candy withdrawal* and it was suggested that there be a few more teasers sent out into the ether. :)

Here is mine:

There has been some speculation as to what I am doing. Hippie crash pad, retro disco, a kindergarten, funfair.... All of which are fabulous ideas. But are they correct?!

Stay tuned to find out more and be ready for the post on July 5th when I do the BIG REVEAL. It will be huge so make sure you come with sustenance. ;)


  1. Color galore! Hooray, hooray! :D Yikes on the limited number of days left! :\

  2. Man, July 5th can't come soon enough!


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