Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time a peek at the fling?

So, would you believe I am far enough along that this is all I can show you?!?! Everything else would give away major WOW details for the outside or accessories on the inside that would give away exactly what I am doing.

Here is a door that is stained Miniwax Bombay Mahogany and a door knob that I scuffed up and painted silver. I really despise that garish brass they come in. Blech.


  1. Nice color! Do I see a tile floor on the diagonal? I'm really intrigued! :D

  2. Um, nooooooooo? Of course not. :D

    Well, quite possibly, yes.

    I LOVE that color. It was what I used to redo chairs for my parents for Christmas. I would have used more, but Charlie decided the contents of the can would look better on the floor... his shoes... and himself. *slaps head* Oi!

  3. You tease!

    Looks like it is coming along *very* nicely.. can't wait for everyone to submit their spring fling already! I'm itchin to see it all!


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