Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mini's mini's everywhere!

Since I can't share what I have been working on for the Spring Fling (Top Secret!) I thought I would share our littlest mini members of the family and the swap I did with Dale of Dale's Dreams. :) Don't want to leave you guys hanging forever!!

Please meet Thing 2 and That One. They are Cayce and Charlie's turtles- yellow bellied sliders, to be exact. They are teeny and great! We wanted to get them pets, but nothing that was really high maintenance or that involved a crochety nocturnal animal. We settled on these and figured we would work up to a dog later down the road. Cayce picked their names. On this particular day, we took them outside so they could stretch their legs and bask in the sunlight a bit. They are really quick for such tiny little dudes! As hatchlings, they are only 2.5" inches from nose to tail. Too cute!

As for the swap, I was to trade with Cecilia Colo. This was my second time sending something out of the country (she is in Mexico) and what a pain! The postal service here is quite redundant! I had to fill out a customs form with her name, address and declaration of contents which they then stick to the package. THEN I had to write it AGAIN on the package itself, even though they just stuck the sticker with it on there on the package. *Rawrg* It was quite aggravating. (Only because, I feel, foreign addresses are a bazillion miles long!)

So there was a rant.... unintentional, but there... I ended up sending her three things, two of which were mini and one thing that was life size, but still small by normal standards.

I sent her a 6x6 painting that I did and a mini replica of it, along with a pink and purple quilt that I made. I forgot to get pictures of that though. :/ Oops. For now, here are the paintings!

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