Thursday, June 30, 2011

Royal Mail Awaits

It came! It came! It came! My prize from Pepper (mitchymoominiatures) and it is AWESOME! Thank you so much! This is the first time I have won a giveaway and it feels amazing. :) After much waiting at the post office to retrieve my certified mail, I resisted the urge to rip the paper off so I could document it at home.

Here is the package: Pepper, you have fabulous penmanship! Note the *Royal Mail* sticker!

See: I felt all important getting mail from out of the country. :)

Took off the wrapper and saved the address for future exchanges: A candy cane box!

She packaged it quite well! I will be pilfering the little foam pieces for my own packing. AND it was in a bubble wrap package!

And then the items were wrapped in saran wrap! I swear, if something had happened to the ship or plane and these had dropped somewhere into the Atlantic ocean, they would be in pristine condition on 100 years! That's how well she packs!

And ta-da! Two extremely lovely, well made, mini-modern sofa's. *Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!*

Now for some pretty pictures:

I can't wait to use these in something. :) It will have to be a room box or something since I don't plan on any of my houses sticking around for very long. And I have a scrap piece of paper that would make a GLORIOUS rug to go with these and the pillows. Too excited!!!

Thanks Pepper! I love them!


  1. Mahvelous!! You lucky girl! :D

  2. Anytime! Just keeping my twin pea safe!

  3. Oh WOOOOOOW!! You lucky duck! They look just wonderful!


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