Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring into Chevron!

 Another long week behind me.  I didn't get into the studio at all last week, until last night, and then I worked so hard and feverishly, that there are no "in progress pictures."  My apologies.  My littlest's birthday party is next weekend, so I have been buried beneath super heroes and card stock.  And I have some face painting work coming up, which is nice, but all of that was clouded by yet another funeral.  It seems, that so far, 2013 has it out for my family!  Let us all hope that with the coming of Spring come also the winds of change and good fortune.  The Little Boys birthday IS on St Patties day after all.  :D

So, LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL!!!  Among all the crap going on, I treated myself to this beauty by Mary of Roslyn Treasures.  You should recognize the work, Brae owns a few of these exquisitely crafted blankets herself.  And seriously, the stitches are just as good, if not better, than what I would expect on a life size blanket.  And this one is so soft!!!

Now, obviously, being a total DIYer, I really did give my best efforts to make my own.  I also swore a lot.  And had cramped fingers.  And threw huge mini tantrums.  THEN Mary put out a coupon, right as I was all tangled up in thread...  IT WAS A SIGN!!!  (I will make it a point to show you my sad, twisted blanket at a later time)

 Her wonderful work of art has found a home in the book nook.  So pretty!

Most of what I worked on last night was the living room.  Here is the before picture (after I added the light).....

And here is the after.....   How much do you love that chair?!?!?!?
The couch is one that I got from Pepper of mitchymoominiatures.  I made a very simple grey suede slip cover for the main part of the sofa and the cushion.  I like that the sides are still red.  The striped pillows, dot pillows and table set (coffe and 2 ends) are all from Cyd and MiniModPod.  You can get tables, too, at her etsy shop or read about them here, in this post.

 It was late and the lighting in the studio is awful for picture taking.... basement in a hill, so there are NO windows.  :/

See how cute this table is?!?!  The bowl is from
 Let's all take a moment to drool over my scratch built chair.

*******moment********     wipes mouth and empties drool bucket

I have a teensy obsession with chevron.  LOVE.  IT.  Seriously, love it.  First person to get me a chair like this in real life, will be my hero on an obsessive level. Seriously...   ♥
 When I first realized I wanted a chair like this, I hit up Brae to see if she could help me track down a small print chevron.  And I had decided on green and white.  She totally came through.  And so did the seller on etsy that had it.  If you want some, you can get it here:  Awesome Chevron Fabric

Like I said, there are no in progress pictures, but here is the end(ish) result.  I still need to make the beading trim or whatever... you know, the little wirey thing that goes around the seams.  But, I didn't want to keep working on it and ruin my work.

 The inside is just some foam board and I used PUFFS for cushioning.  The skirt is very thin cardboard wrapped in the fabric.
 And, an incredibly exiting shot (for me) to finish off.  LET THERE BE LIGHT!  This is my first, fully hardwired house.... that will get finished.... The Orchid has lights, too, but it has been languishing on a shelf for a year now.
I will be back with more later, as I should get some time today.  MJ will be headed off to her next hostess soon so she will have one final post and pop in.  She does want me to remind you to go vote for Best Miniature Blog at


  1. Hooray for Chevron!!! :D I see we had the same idea for using the afghan...marvelous! The chair turned out wonderfully! You don't necessarily need trim on the chair - modern is all about simple lines. I like what you did with the sofa, too. :D

    1. Thanks, Pea! I will only add the trim to cover the obvious OOPSes that I can see. :)

  2. Awesome job on the chevron chair, really great fabric too.

    Mary's works is so amazing. I want to try a few mini crochet pieces, but am pretty much at a fear freeze with it. I suppose I can't fail if I don't try right? I'm sure Mary would tell us that her first few attempts were not so perfect...maybe I'll pick it up when the real size crochet project is done :) Think of all you've learned from your try and visit it again, I'm sure you'll have better results..and maybe new cuss words :D

    I hope things start to settle down for you guys and that everyone has a great time at the party.

    1. Yeah. Might be a good thing to do during quiet moments.... at least with mini crochet, I don't have to wait for cold! When doing real life pieces, it is too darn hot most of the time.

  3. Very nice! I love the blanket!!
    Sorry to hear about your loss(es)

  4. You've selected some great pieces. It is all looking so very warm and inviting.

  5. I love, love, love the green and white chevron and the chair is fab too-nice job! Is the chevron the small pattern?

    1. Yes, it is the small print pattern. She offers a mini, too, I think....Or maybe we found that one somewhere else...

      I think, if I get a chair like this for my real house, I will want the same chunky mod look to it. :)

  6. has hecho un gran trabajo con la sala de estar, la casa con las luces queda realmente bien



  7. Kudo's to you for the great chair! (sorry about the drool I didn't empty my bucket)

  8. love that chair it so neat!-Anabelle Hart

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