Saturday, February 23, 2013

Accessories of travels and deflection....

This year has been a hard one on my little family.... James lost his dad less than a month ago and the punches just keep on rolling in since then... I have found it hard to get time to work on my house, both mini and big, and my grand plans with MJ have fallen through several times due to one thing or another... So when I got the chance to work in the studio today, I jumped on it, and a lot of things happened.

For starters, I got my HBS order the other day so I got to finish the sink first thing.

Love this "paint-it-yourself" clear stuff!

 I scratch built the sink out of odds and ends... the legs are shortened stair posts that I turned upside down... I saw this really great sink in a magazine and the image stuck with me... The legs were more of a round chunky, but hey, you work with what you have some times. :)

I forgot to cut the sink whole in my earnest to make the structure, so I had to do it after... what a pain!

I sanded the whole thing really well and then painted, and sanded and painted and sanded, and painted and sanded and then coated with Triple Thick.

And then I accessorized.  The bathroom...      .....remember to click on the pictures to make them bigger and see more!!!

Tall white vase from HBS, pink glass from HBS, minis in basket are from a swap...from Italy (I will remeber person eventually), fern from Jane S)
 It was so nice to put homeless minis in a home!
Too cute!
 I should have edited photos, but I'm tired and have a lot going on.... Tough.  ;)

Faucet set from HBS, glasses from HBS, toothbrush from random stock, soap dish from random stock

Somebody! Quick!  Shrink me for a bubble bath and wine!!!!
I love the table.  Love love love.  L. O. V. E.
Closer view of the scratch built table.

Vase is actually a pitcher that I took the handle off of.  Doily is from HBS and I dabbed some purple paint on it. :)

TA-DAAAAAAA!!!!  I want to live in this bathroom and it isn't even done yet.
 ...and the bedroom.....
Print outs from the interwebs, and the postcards are actually from Italy! Eeep!

Mardi gras masks from Jane, box from Italy, scooter from Italy, fan bottle from Dales Dreams, Dog from Monopoly. :D  Aussie flag from Jazzi!

Poster from Italy and perfume set from Dales Dreams

Lamp from Brae.  :)

PEA!  I found this at a garage sale!  Ornament score!!!

I love the wood stain on the doors in this room.  :)  And the froggy in the hallway.

 ...and the hallway....

I love how the house is coming together so far.  And how the attic is acting as my actual storage space.  HA!

 And while did this MJ was had at work on this:

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  1. Yeah - bubble bath with wine!! :D Great idea with the doily. Nice ornament, and the lamp looks great there! You got a lot done!

  2. Fantastic! And MJ looks very jazzy indeed!

  3. Bloody awesome work Lyssa!!!! Love the sign go MJ!!!! xxx

    1. Thanks, Jazzi! MJ has been strutting around with it. :D

  4. Everything looks amazing. You have earned a breather take the time you need we will see you when your ready ;)


  5. Your scratch built furniture is so very well done. it all really coming together!

  6. has hecho un gran trabajo con ese baño y el resto de la casa, y veo que MJ, esta ocupada con la campaña del blog de Jazzi , hace muy bien



  7. Looks great!!! I need to go back and see what things you have in your estsy store!!

  8. Everything looks wonderful. I really like the bathroom.
    Bye Faby

  9. Everything looks great! I like the wall colors. MJ is so supportive! LOL

  10. A gorgeous bathroom. I love the table you have built for the sink and yes, also that little table you love so much. I also love your choice of colour for the wall. You have lovely accessories. I can see how hard you have worked but it certainly paid off because you have a very interesting and unique house.

    1. Thank you, Lucille. It is turning into quite the little house. :)

  11. Your sink lookS great and I love your scratch built table. Too cute!

  12. Wow lady, you're a force when you get a pocket of time! Looks so, so , so FAB!

    Sorry to hear it's been a tough time this year, that is very sad news. Big hugs

    1. thanks, hope to get another pocket soon. and thank you. It has been rough... and never-ending.

  13. Everything is coming along so wonderfully :) Love how everything is going so well together

    1. Thank you very much! Hoping to get some more done this weekend.

  14. Where did you say you got that paintable sink and toilet? Your bathroom is stunning!

    1. Thank you! I ordered them both from builders supply :)


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