Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What day is today?

It's MJ and Jazzi's birthday!!!  Happy birthday, ladies!  We had a little bit of a party here at the house for MJ.  Charlie was upset and pouted on the floor.  She was so shocked when we surprised her after dinner!  A small-for-us-but-good-for-her size banner  in purple, cupcakes, gifts and party hats all around! It was a great end to our busy day.

Pardon our disheveled appearance.  Tired, hard working parents. :/

MJ spent this morning perusing through all my inventory in the craft room...she was avoiding the herd of 3 year old boys that came over to play today!  They can be loud, rough and messy!

After picking Cayce up from school, we went through some of the fabrics I have and made her a new dress and another outfit for later (she wore it to her party).

She gave up the idea of needing sensible shoes for work when she realized that I work barefoot... All. The. Time.  I love shoes. But I don't really like wearing them.

She also helped get some work done on the ET!  We made new shelves, stocked the book nook with goodies, wired up the light in there and then chose all the lights for the rest of the house.  It was hard work.

Depending on the weather after school tomorrow, we may go check out some good old Florida woods.  The flowers are blooming!



  1. Great looking family honey, disheveled parents means happy kids ;)

    Get a good relaxing walk in:)

  2. Wow...looked like she got spoilt! Love the new clothes! I don't wear shoes either lol....the JPI Starr girls rarely have theor shoes on hehe....thank you and your family for getting involved! Hugs xxx

    1. I don't wear shoes into the garage either, and it drives James CRAZY. Or when I go get the mail. Shoes are overrated!

  3. Happy birthday, Looks like such fun! CM

  4. que bonita fiesta y esos regalos son preciosos incluido el vestido nuevo



  5. at last I have found MJ, she looks like she is having lots of fun, wonder what she will be up to today

  6. that's it! Im not going to wear shoes at home either! you guys are having too much fun..Happy Birthday


  7. Cute outfits! That book nook looks great, Lyssa!

  8. Shoeless as I type.<-- lol I love her new dress. I know Mini-Jazzi is missing Jazzi on their birthday, but I think you made it up to her quite well! :-)

  9. Hi overthere! MJ got into your hearts as one can see! So nice to see all of you involved! Mine were,too...but didn't want to be shown! :) Your pictures are beautiful, this bed-corner-shelf looks ever so comfortable and cosy! MJ will have a wonderful time with you! ..i laughed about the shoe-issues! Remember when MJ lost one on my balcony?! Many Greetings to all of you..and the Greek souvenirs are on their way! :)

  10. I just love the book nook area. I'd like one of those in real life!


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