Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spindles, Plates, Mod Desk and Fantastic Fabrics

I don't think anyone awaits a package in the mail like a miniaturist.  Nor do I think that anyone scares the pants off the postal person like a miniaturist.  Come on.  YOU all know what I am talking about.  You obsess with the tracking, see it is out for delivery and you dash down to the bushes window so you can stalk your prey wait impatiently for the mail to come. The truck has barely pulled up to your house and you are flying out your house like a wild woman.  Hair all over the place, and possibly, your robe waving in the wind like a furry batman cape.  Animal shrieks of excitement come tumbling out of your mouth and you don't realize what you really look like until you catch the delivery persons face.  HORROR. You slam on the brakes, try to calm yourself and in a not so convincing voice of composure, you speak shout, "That's MIIIIIIIINNNNEE!!!!!!!"  Said mail person then flings it at you as they fear you will rip their arm off.  You pay no mind to the other mail (junk and bills, barf) unless you spy the edges of a miniature magazine-you must have that, too.  You skip off in glee, back to your house, as the mail person stares on in disbelief and wonders if they should call for medical attention, or just slowly back away.

Luckily for MY mail person, I was out on Thursday and couldn't lie in wait.  :/

I came back home that night to see my HBS order box looming in the dark.  Had my day not been so miserable, I would have been much more excited.  I only just got it into the house before I ushered my family and myself to the comforts of our beds.

The next morning, I took the dreaded bills out to the mailbox to send them off.  Upon opening it, I find another package!  MORE MINIS!!!!  Must have come the day before.  It is a box full of prizes from Jane or minifanaticus.  Yea.

WHAT WAS IN THE BOX, LYSSA?!?!?!  (you may be shouting)  Hold yer mini horses!  I'm getting there!


Earlier this week, I made my first purchases with my winnings from the 19th Annual Creatin' Contest. Nothing TOO awesome, really, mostly building components...trim, door, railings, stairs.. electrical stuff and some fuses, you know.  I did get 3 cool things though. :)  Plus, I ordered the Charming Cottage.  I also got a thing of Walnut Vinyl flooring.... Brae is always going on about these premade sheet things, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  :D

Soho Rug, Murphy Bed, and the Clear toilet:  EEE!!!  So fun!

I will show you these, because they are cool.  We have all seen building components.  Not so exciting.

PS.  I made some new books!  Have about 35 more to finish, out of the ones I printed.  I'm sure I will make more!

 Then the package from Jane was CHOCK full of goodies!!!  B T dubs, Jane, love your packing method!  We should all tape the package in place within the package to keep them from jumbling around! Genius.

A lot of this was out of the kindness of her heart (expect it back, friend) and some of it was for a holiday sway.  She is doing this really great build called Holiday Inc, and needs some fun holiday stuff for it.  I send her some nifty baskets and Christmas stuff and she sends me Valentines Day goodies. HUZZAH!  And now, some pictures!

Book ends!!!!  I LOVE them.


Don't they look so good?!

Plates and platters.  ♥

Bread and veggie prep board.

LOOK at that onion!!!

Valentines.  :)

Seasonal  centerpieces.  LOVE!




BUTTERFLY!  er, Spring.

Probably my favorite thing to unearth in there. :)

Check out my loot!
Now, that isn't all I got in the mail.  I also got a new package of fabric in the mail from April.  Seems that when Husband was being a total pain in the rear helpful before Christmas, he mistook my bag of fabric as a bag of trash.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!  Luckily, April rocks and must think that I rock, because she sent me more.  THANK YOU, April!!!

And finally, back in the way back, Cyd from Mini Mod Pod sent me this fabulous little nugget:

I love how versatile mini kits are.  Different finish and hardware= totally different desk.  

She had been looking for Artply Highland measurements, and I measured all the parts of mine for her.  Mini people are so nice!  I seriously have "met" some of the nicest people whilst in this hobby and have made some really great friends.  Maybe it's because it's a relatively small circle.  Maybe it's because artists are so compassionate. Either way, I think it rocks.  I think you rock.  I think this hobby rocks.  :)


  1. I blush *cheesy grin* I am so happy you liked them :)

    That bed is awesome! I want one of those in life sized!

    Keep the circle growing <3 jane

    1. Me, too! Then I would be down one more excuse not to get my zumba on. :D

      You is getting lots o' love. :)

  2. Hi Lyssa! You are so funny. Thanks for the laugh. I often think you should write a book. You have a way with words. Beautiful new minis you have there. Your friend was so very generous. I adore those little seasonal candles! Have fun with your new minis. Love your books, by the way!

    1. Thank you, Lucille. :) You aren't the first person to say that. Maybe I should look into it. Thanks!

  3. These minis are wonderful. I like the book ends.
    Bye Faby

  4. I had to laugh at your 'ambush of the mailman' description. It is so true. Love the swap items

    1. Hahahaha. It is. And we must look like loons. Only now, I have a private-ish drive, so no one sees me really. :)

  5. *snort* I would never scare the crap out of the mailman or UPS guy, nope no one in my neighborhood has ever seen my rat-nest hair or bathrobe and my child is always perfectly groomed too. (pants on fire - but then I would have to of put on pants)

    Wow, great goodies, love that winter candle from Jane!

    1. *snorts right back* I have TOTALLY dashed out in just a tshirt and underwear. We are unofficially officially insane. :) At least as mom's the definition of "pants" for us is rather loose.

  6. :D Yay for goodies!!! But, that flooring is real wood, my friend...and you will be hooked after using it. :D

    1. Hahah. I said vinyl... but I meant veneer. :D

  7. Haha great post. I love all your beautiful gifts. The little seasonal candles are gorgeous. The toilet is fab :)))
    Hugs Maria

  8. Love everything and your narrative! I am definitely up there with the post stalking thing...hard part where I live is I have to wait for a card and then drive to the post office grrr! I agree with you about the friendships and generosity of miniaturists...we would have to be the most helpful group of crafters I know!

  9. I think that you're right about the package thing. I'm waiting for a few things to show at my house, but there's no tracking info. It's driving me nuts. XD And I really think the mailman's scared of me now, so I just avoid him altogether.

    Btw, the clear toilet-I'm interested to see what you do with it.

    1. Ahah. You be jonesin'! It irritates me when there is no tracking... or when there is a tracking number, but no info... that's worse.

      I am interested to see what I do with the clear toilet, too. I didn't like any of the others, and this one sold me on "decorate it the way you want" but now it just sits there, and I stare. And stare, and stare... until I see a squirrel. :)


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