Monday, February 11, 2013


Which simply just means, that we have a visitor.  The ever so lovely and delightful Mini Jazzi has arrived!  She got here late on Saturday and just asked to rest. I think she is still recovering from the mad partying she did at Cyd's.  :D

"Look at this beautiful Lodge I get to stay in!"
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She slept through most of Sunday, too.  I did catch her pattering around in The Lodge though.  She had a snack, got a cup of coffee and plopped down into a chair to start reading Shopgirl.
"Only one night into my stay, and I am so relaxed!"

This morning, she explored the Lodge some more, plus the cottage, the Gallery and even the Tennyson.  She is very excited to help work on it, although, she thinks she will need some safety gear and a sensible pair of shoes.

"What lovely flowers, Lyssa.  Are we going to work on this cottage, too? It is super charming!"

"I just love that there is a studio here!  I hope we get to do some art while I am staying with you."

 She got to meet Oscar, who has been MIA for a while, and Vanessa-the hippy artist that works in the studio.  They had a nice chat outside the cottage and had some drinks.  Everyone had some work to get done, and the last time I checked, MJ was taking full advantage of the Book Nook, house unfinished or not!
"Vanessa and Oscar are so nice.  We had a lovely conversation this morning."
"What a DELIGHTFUL place to relax!"
 Check back later for more updates about what MJ is doing.  And a surprise!


  1. MJ is very happy in these places.
    Bye Faby

  2. She is having such a lovely time. I love the book nook! I am sure that she will find a lot to do while there.

  3. woohoo! So glad MJ arrived safely to you! Have fun and I look forward to the stories and adventures! xxx

  4. Oooooh! Surprises? I love surprises! MJ looks much more relaxed now.

  5. This is fun! I only recently heard of this traveling doll.

  6. veo que MJ ha llegado bien y ya esta instalada , me alegro mucho



  7. I love your book nook and am jealous that MJ gets to relax in it!

    Best, Neen

  8. I like Neen am also full of envy of that booknook.... but I do want to say.

    Forget about sensible shoes MJ, they are for humans, you will always be able to wear whatever makes you look the most awesome without pain or consequence so go for it!

  9. What fun... hanging out with an artist! CM

  10. How wonderful that we can all get to know you better...and your amazing work, together with MJ!! Have a wonderful time, and fun! MJ looks perfectly at home already!!! Many greetings and a hug to MINI JAZZI!!! Anne

  11. THNX for the Great tour! gr. AM

  12. Es muy divertido estar en compañía de MJ!
    Espero que disfrutes su compañía tanto como lo hice yo.
    Un abrazo.

  13. What posh surroundings. Jazzi is getting the royal treatment!

  14. What state is Mini Jazzi in again? :-x


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