Friday, May 18, 2012

The New Mom Cave

ONe of the most exciting things about this new house is the MOM CAVE that's downstairs.  Actually, the whole downstairs is pretty fantastical.  James has an oversized two car garage, just for him, with a storage room/wash room off of that.  It's completely out of his way-which is great for both of us.  The laundry isn't in his way, and he isn't using my top loader washing machine as a work space!  Plus, there is more than enough room for all our holiday crapilap and the various sundry things that you need in/for your house but don't need cluttering up valuable closet space.  :)  But never mind all that, because what I am so eager to tell you about, is the nearly 400 square feet of air conditioned real estate that is MINE!  *insert maniacal laugh here*

Feast your eyes upon THIS my friends:

 Yes, there really is all that left over space in there.  :)  And, whenever I muster up the energy to get the last piece of furniture in there, it will look neater, too.  I have a big wardrobe looking thing that will hold all the scrapwood, boxes of furniture and loose canvas.  So nice!  I might make James move it in there tomorrow night so the house is looking so fresh and so clean, clean, for our guests on Sunday.

 The dressers here still need to be gone through in a ridiculous way.  There is no organization to them at all-and if anyone cleans them for me, I will be so screwed.....  right now, even through the craziness, I know which drawer(s) all my clay is in and flower making materials; floor materials, extra mini furniture...etc.  I am very fond of the paint shelf though.  All the colors are right there for you to see!
 The Highland will be going to a new home at the end of the summer.  I, somewhere down the line, fell out of love with it. But, do not despair!  The young girl (12) that is getting it, adores it and I think it will be quite happy there.  I will give the house a very thorough sprucing before I send it off, too.  The shelf that it sits on holds all those art supplies that I cannot NOT be an OCD helicopter mom with the boys.... :)  Generally speaking, it's the paint and glitter and projects that require stronger glues.
 That wee pile in the corner there, is the stuff that I don't want to mess with right now.  I deals with it laters.  This room doubles as our guest room, so I am certain, that it will sit there until we have some needy guests, since that's the corner the bed goes in.  :)

I hope that you are not TOO jealous and put off by my new room.  It really is quite fabulous.  And I am sure it will be more so once I work out all the kinks and get some entertainment and a nice chair in there.  :)  Now, off to create!  (Actually, I already did that, and have a post to share those, too!)  Until then!


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