Friday, May 18, 2012

Personalizing Space

When I am doing things in my dollhouses, a lot of the things I choose are decorating styles that I would like to use in my own home.  Since we moved this month, I finally have the chance to start doing some of those things, and it feels great.  One thing I have wanted to do for years, is have personalized rooms for my kids. Neither one of them got the super cute, done up, babied out nursery.  I really wanted them to have a room that just shouted, "I AM A KID!"  In this new place, I got to do it twice.  Once in their bedroom and again in their playroom.  And, a super cute kid bathroom!  Because I want them to enjoy it in the end, I let them pick the themes.  So the bathroom got Toy Story; the bedroom, Outer Space; and the play room got Dinosaurs-specifically, Land Before Time.
Cayce chose the color for the bathroom- Oriental Mandarin Orange and picked out the decals for the bathroom.  Here is what we ended up with:

The bathroom before, very bland and taupe

Ta DA!

Not pictured are the book rack, toy basket and the blue waste basket that we put an alien decal on to make it match.  We will also be getting the alien shaped bath rug.  :)

Their bedroom got some wall murals, a dark blue with glowing star ceiling and a Buzz Lightyear decal.  My son informed me that it was okay, because he is from space.  Duh.  And here is the room:

The playroom got the dinosaurs from the past two dinosaur birthday parties.  I also have tree stars to attach to the ceiling, but I haven't done that yet....

One of the last things I put together for the kids was an art corner.  Everything that I would be okay with them using without my hovering around like an OCD helicopter....
I painted this quote on the wall: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  Albert Einstein.
I agree with this whole heartedly and make sure to stretch my kids brains every day.  And you know what my reward has been so far?  I never hear "I'm bored."

The shelf holds markers; chalk; a can full of pencils, pens, scissors and erasers; glue; a chalkboard; and a plastic case of paper scraps and googley eyes.  The IKEA buckets are mesh and vinyl and they hold fun supplies, crayons and playdough.

And what better art for their special corner than their own?  Drawings by Cayce and finger painting by Charlie.

So nice!  The last thing to do here is to add one more magazine holder to the right for specialty paper and get a kids art table from IKEA.

That's all there is to share for right now.  I started this post several days ago (it's now the 18th of May), but I will get pictures and show you the rest of the awesomeness I have been working on.  Until then!

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  1. Loving the robot chalkboard sticker. I have boys and they would love this! kids wall decals


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