Friday, May 18, 2012

Newest Creations and a Finished Puzzle

After all the hard work to get everything together, I did get some time in the Mom Cave and I managed to get some paintings done and finish up a puzzle house (that still needs to be listed.)

When I finished a commission last month, I dumped a lot of that money into art supplies.  I bought face paint for the new business; supplies for my _________ that I am building for the HBS contest and an EZ Cutter. Holy!  How have I been getting by without one of those things?!?! What a FABULOUS tool!  I used it a lot to make frames for the paintings I did.  :)  Again, amAAAAzing!

So, here are the paintings I managed to get out:

I love them all, but the chateau with the sunflowers is my personal favorite.  :)

And then I finished up the puzzle house that James' mom got for me ages ago:

All of this was done on my very lovely, very aLONEly, Mother's Day.  :D  And here was my haul from that.
Oh, and I posted in rapid succession, so in case you missed the first two The New Mom Cave and Personalizing Space


  1. Love the paintings! And EZ Cutters rock! :)

  2. The little paintings are great! (Miniaturists language...) Honestly, they are beautiful and I too love the one with the sunflowers.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. I love the color green you used on the puzzle house.

    I sooo have to get myself an EZ Cutter.

  4. Oi adorei, esta muito bonito. Passei aqui para deixar um prêmio para você, passa la no meu blog. Espero que goste.

  5. The paintings are amzing. I like the small house.
    Bye Faby

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous work. I just love your blog. Makes me want to cut some more frames for my paintings. Hope you are in my two drawings for tonight. The dresses in my give-a-ways are very pretty.

  7. Thanks, everyone! Keli, you really DO need to get an EZ cutter. Will change your life. :) Felma, thank you for your kind words. I am off to enter you drawing now!


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