Friday, July 17, 2015

Open Concept

Many of the dollhouses that I have seen, and the ones that I have built myself, have had very closed off rooms.  I generally look for a way to fix this immediately.  Although, I am not always sure how to arrange the furniture in an open concept floor area, I do know that I like how they look.  I've always liked the flow and the fact that everything can be seen from one vantage point.  No need for mirrors, cameras or running around like a maniac to find out what a noise was.  Must be a natural maternal instinct?  I digress.

Back on track!  When building this house (last summer) they tell you where to put the additional walls to make the six or seven rooms....yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, I wouldn't be doing that.  This was the first house that I've built that achieving an open concept wasn't going to be a headache!  I have one, pretty much, in Mt. Ollopa Lodge, but this would be a more modern take. More Jonathan and Drew Scott approach.

So where did we leave off last time?  The floors!  The floors had been done.  I love them.  So glossy.  So colorful.  Sooooooo beautiful!!!

I have now put up the wallpaper in the big open room.  The majority of it is a pale grey green called "Old Paper" by Jim Holtz and Ranger-the Distress Collection.  It has a wonderful texture on it that I just love.  The bay window, where the dining area is, features "Weathered Tin" from the same line.

The door trim and baseboards are all basswood that I painted with Americana White Wash,

The kitchen set is from HBS and I painted the counter tops black granite.  I plan on putting in a fun back splash.  I also chiseled off all the fake looking kitchen stuff-stove top, fridge stuff, microwave... and plan on adding my own, more realistic looking stuff.  All of the kitchen cabinets will be glued into place.  I plan on not keeping this monster of a house and building it to be suitable for an older child.  I want it to look nice, but still be sturdy.

The dining room set is the one from Melissa and Doug-it was a gift from James.  I plan on refinishing it.  I'm just NOT a huge fan of the red stain and red velvet.  Too gaudy for my taste.  I'm leaning toward white and grey.  The hutch may become an accent piece in a different color, but will also lose it's original red finish.

The only custom furniture I plan for the area is in the living room. These are just place holders in the mean time.

Now I have furniture to make and paint.... ceilings to address and windows and window frames... and the next room over.  I have already chosen the paper for that room.  A beautiful shade of blue, from the same line of papers.  :]  I will actually be using the Jim Holtz line throughout most of the house.  Hope to be back soon!  Kids start school in 5 weeks!!!!!


  1. This is all so lovely. The open concept works very well here, and all of the minis you've chosen work well in the space. Bravo, Pea! :D

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like these rooms. Fabulous furniture. Nice photos.We keep in touch

  3. This looks great! The wallpaper looks like smooth paint! The floor fits perfectly!

    I don't like open plan homes in real life. I always think of cooking smells and grease getting on furniture etc. As far as mini homes are concerned...anything goes!

  4. I love what you have done! Your floors are so beautiful, like a mirror! I like the furniture placement. Looking forward to what is to come!

  5. The flooring is just beautiful :) I love how well the wall colour compliments the colours in the floor too. The open concept is very nice, can't wait to see the custom furniture you make!


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