Monday, August 2, 2010

July 27th and 28th: Knock out study

I realized that I never took pictures with all the trim up! It makes a big difference, in my opinion. Keep an eye out for the finished trim in the living and dining room in future pictures!

This night and day were very productive for the library/study... or as my Dad calls it "The Den." It started with going over to James' mom's house and finding the perfect material for the floor and the perfect paper to put on the walls. The floor is made out of a sticky vinyl tile that happened to have a wood grain finish. I cut out the corresponding squares and filled in the floor. I also put some up top in the window ceiling cut out thing. (Enjoy me terminology!) The ceiling got a sand colored paper, which I really liked, except for the paper slipping a bit and causing a rather rough and obvious seam. *snarl* How to fix that???

I also cut out the paper and installed on the walls along with all the door trim. After just this little bit of work, I called it quits for the night.

In the morning, after the kids were settled down for quiet time, on went Supernatural * =) * and out came the craft sticks and scissors. A gazillion craft sticks later, bunch of white paint, masking tape and tacky glue.... the DEN gets white wainscot paneling to match the flow of the house.
My three year old son took this picture to the left while shining a flashlight into the room "so you guys could see the house." He doesn't quite understand that this is, indeed, the point of the flash on the camera. =)

It also gets an original and unique "distraction" from that nasty seam. This is my favorite part of this room.

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