Monday, August 2, 2010

July 29th: Tiny details

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER!!!! She turns 22 today.

Secondly, I spent the morning doing details in the dining room and den. I couldn't do a whole lot since I was going to have to leave soon. Our family had a garage sale and I needed to go prep for it. (Writing this on August 2nd, I have been deprived of mini's for 3 days now!!!)

So, on Thursday morning , I managed to make curtains, paint the chairs white and put "wicker" on them, make a vase (it will have bright pink flowers in it). ... I also put in dividing window pane things and some rugs. Here are pictures of those developments, plus some more of the house. I am hoping to get some more trimming done today in the various other rooms.... hmmm, and at some point, not sure when, I stained the kitchen cabinets.

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