Sunday, August 22, 2010

Need typing motivation!!!

Alright, I have two huge posts to write: the adventures of making bathroom and its...erm, furniture.... and redoing the exterior. Now who is going to motivate me to do so? Lack of commenting makes me think no one is reading!! I am typing to myself. *sad face*

I will try to tell the thrilling tale tomorrow after coffee. Holy crow! Look at all that alliteration! Mama would be proud! :P


  1. I'm here! You know, no one really commented on my blog in the beginning, either. :] I'll read what you write.

  2. Thanks, Brae! As long as SOMEONE is reading, I will continue to write. :)

  3. Everything looks great! Such a fun idea for a blog.

  4. Thanks Johnna. I have one that I started for the family, too, but I never remember to update it! I think it is still at Christmas last year. Oops!


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