Friday, August 27, 2010

I've Gone Etsy!!

I just opened my own store on Etsy! The game plan for it is to make OOAK miniatures for other people at an affordable price.

All the time, I am seeing mini's online that I absolutely love.... but then nearly have heart failure from the price tag, which is quickly followed by sadness. I realized, I am a fairly crafty person and I think I can make these things myself. And you know what, I could! I did. And now I have them available for others to purchase from me. I am going to try really hard to never sell anything over $25 and I will happily take custom orders.

All that is on there right now are two sets of quilts and pillows, as is the Xbox. I plan on eventually adding some furniture, pillows, the paper clay toilet, the scratch built stove, the easel (in both clean and "used" states).... I will also have smaller items like paint tubes, brushes, the smock.... basically, anything that I have talked about making on here, I will duplicate and sell for your pleasure!

I love doing this to help out other miniaturists AND I think it would be a great way for me to bring in a little extra money for the kiddos. So go take a look!


  1. Congratulations, Lyssa! I like it over at Etsy, lots of nice miniaturists there. Good luck with your shop! :)

    - Grace

  2. OMG its Lyssa! You commented on my blog a few weeks ago and it went into the spam folder for some reason... but I'm glad I checked it and found you!

    Also, congrats on the Etsy shop.. I need to set up my own if I ever find the time *glum face*

    Ok, time to save your blog to my feeds, so I can stalk you, erm, I mean follow you ;-)


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