Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 4th: A mini bed, fully dressed!

This is mostly a picture post. I just wanted to share with the blogosphere, this little nugget: I made my very first dressed bed on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010. I'm no seamstress, but everyone keeps telling me how great it turned out.

The mattress was a simple design of some foam board, a thin layer of sponge and then wrapped with white fabric. I glued this fabric in place and used flat head pins to hold it in place until it dried.

I used some old scrap fabric that my mom gave me to make the patchwork quilt. 3 squares sewn together, then 3 rows sewn to each other. I put on a fourth row to resemble the folded over part when you make a bed. I stitched a blue backing onto the top of the squares, then turned it inside out and finished the seams of with the brown edging stuff.... bias tape, I think.

The pillows are made from a white fabric I had and filled with birdseed. The pillowcases were made in the same fashion with the blue fabric, turned inside and then the edges folded over. At some point, I think I will stitch the folded part to the main part of the pillowcase. The white pillow was then stuffed inside the pillowcase and "fluffed."

The throw blanket at the bottom of the bed is the same fabric as the pillowcases. This was folded properly, ironed flat and then joined the quilt on the bed. A pulled it tight, situating it just right and secured it with a gazillion flat pins. To keep the edges of the blankets straight down, I pulled masking tape taut across the bottom of the bad and attached it to both edges. When everything was in place, I drowned it in aerosol hairspray.

Once the hairspray was dry, I removed all the pins, placed the pillows and this was the finished product:

Here it is in it's new room with some of the furniture!

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