Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend #5: August 8th, Cutting up some wood!

The only objective for this weekend was to get the wood cut up to do the kitchen and the bathroom. I needed to cut various pieces for the walls and the roof. I also needed some various pieces for the counters, stove, sink, door and trim. Windows needed to be reworked and the rooms needed to be dry fitted so I could figure out furniture. In this picture, you can see that I have attached the roof. It is being weighted down and taped down. Unfortunately, it is a LOT flatter than I had intended it to be. I meant for it to be the same angles as the rest of the roof line.... but this house has different plans for itself. The bathroom will need some fudging again. A removable interior wall for one! That staircase you see there, will actually lead into a hallway PASSED the bathroom to an exterior door. That door will lead to a sun deck that goes over half the garage and the kitchen. We had something like this on a house we rented in Idaho....except it came off the living room... I think it will be a nice addition. I haven't asked this house if she still wants the tiny side deck off of the craft room. Honestly, I'm afraid the answer will be yes and she already takes up ALL of my workspace. GAH!!!

The bathroom wall needs to be wallpapered and sanded down. I also need to cut one piece to now allow for the necessary hallway and door. Hopefully, that will get tackled next weekend.

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