Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend #8: Trimming, what a PAIN!

This poor house was actually spray painted at one point, so everything was sort of painted together and large drips were everywhere.... And it appears that they used a mixture of glues on the outside. Some places it held [b]really[/b] well and in others, it was clearly falling off... This obviously meant that they should NAIL the siding onto the house!!!


So, nearly everything on the exterior was obliterated and in desperate need of replacing. I am grumbling about this so fervently because combine all that nonsense with my lacking existence of cash (where's Robin Hood when you need him?!) and absolutely no proper trim or window casings and I discover that I am reduced to using craft sticks. Doh!

This doesn't sound like a big deal, but craft sticks are only so long... so this means measuring: BORING. Cutting: BORING. Sanding: BORING. Gluing: BORING. Clamping and waiting to dry: BORING TIMES A BILLION. Filling with wood filler: BORING AND MESSY. Waiting for wood filler to dry: BORING Sanding: OMG. BORING BEYOND BELIEF. (BBB) *goes to bang head against desk... but desk is still messy, so we opt for face first flop on the bed*

Stages of boring:

Finally get all that done with and then we can pick out the color. I decide to make one up because nothing I have is good enough. I end up with a mix of Nutmeg brown, Crimson red and Mars black. This all turns up a chocolate brown with just the faintest hint of red too it. I heart it. Now round and round the trimming we go with the paint. By the time I had finished the last part on the house, the first part was dry and ready for a second coat. I ended up doing 3 coats on everything but the floor for the porch. It will eventually look like worn wood planks. The results of the dark color are amazing and I am very pleased!

So... maybe boring is worth it?!

Not ready to be done yet, I moved onto the garage portion of the house. This got it's own mixture of gray for the floor, a bluish gray for the walls and a wash of the custom brown to make it "dirty." Then, I went in and made oil stains and topped off the stain area with some fresh spilled gross-tastic oil. Otherwise known as Glossy Black. :) The door got some white and the final wall got a bit of paper to add a little punch. This will be filled with all sorts of garage stuff!

So the next step is to do the garage door and fill the garage. The windows need to be placed and the doors need to be sanded, trimmed, cut and painted. I am thinking about making them a really fun, off the wall color. I also need to attach the balcony (after some French doors are made) and deal with the sun porch over the garage. Last touches will include shingles and landscaping, and then it'll be back onto the interior!


  1. Lol, even though its boring, its worth it in the end right!? Love the touches of oil stain for the garage! Keep it up.. more more more!

  2. It sure was worth it! Things are coming along very nicely with the house. Now, if only I could shrink and move in! LOL


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