Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 9th: Tackling the kitchen, finally!

This house has always wanted a loud and bright kitchen! Today, after I was sure that the ceiling was firmly attached, I set out to finish up the kitchen. First thing was to do the ceiling. It got a good coat of joint compound and smoothed out with one of those credit cards you get in the mail 5 times a week. While that was drying; I measured, cut, sanded and painted all the trim. I went with a close pink shade that is seen in the striped border paper. It is a combination of Christmas red, neon pink and Shiny white.
After that was dried, it was secured in place with tacky glue. I love that stuff!

Once all that was done, I decided to tackle a couple of lower cupboards. I chickened out on giving them working doors though, but they still turned out pretty good, I think. Besides, I redeemed myself later. ;)

These counters were made with some scrapwood, mahogany stain and wallpaper scraps that happen to resemble marble. There are 5 pieces of luan plywood that were cut to form the main structure. Once assembled, it is 3" high x 4"wide X 2" deep. The cupboard doors and drawers are made from some scrappy pieces of basswood that I had. I had purchased a bag of squares and rectangles some time ago for inane projects. Once everything was all glued together, I stained it with Plaid's mahogany water based stain and then washed parts of it with sky blue. I really like the effect this achieved. The countertop itself is made from some RL wallpaper that I have. It happened to look like marble and looked wonderful in the kitchen. I cut and folded it to size and secured it with tacky glue. The backs of the counters are left open, in case I want to make working parts later on down the road.

I made another one and bashed the top of a Micheal's hutch onto it and made my own hutch. This will end up holding all the dishes, I think. I am currently thinking about adding a ceiling pot holder thing. Ya know, where the pots hang down on that big brass or iron contraption from the ceiling? I've always wanted one of those in RL! And like I say, if you can't have it big, make it mini!!!

The upper cupboards are attached with a poster material that allows me to move them all around. Good thing, too, since I can't decide on a layout!!!

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