Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stoney fronts and painted floors

Work picked back up on the Orchid the other day when I got a fabulous envelope of egg carton pieces from Brae.  Yea for making stoned fronts on the dormers!!!

Here it is in dry fit:

They were pretty simple, and I did it while watching a movie.  Cut out a bunch of random "bricks" and glue them down.  Then cut out a bunch more in different sizes to fill in the gaps.  I used Elmer's Glue all and didn't operate on any sort of pattern:

This is what I got:

After that, I put in the partition for upstairs to divide the bathroom and bedroom.  The tiny bathroom is only 4 foot by 10 foot.  It will have a small claw foot tub in the back, resembling ones that I have seen in small English cottages.

 The floor is popsicle sticks that I cut roughly, I didn't worry about edges or tightness of fit since I wanted it to look rough.  I then painted the whole thing White Wash by Americana.

This looked to bland to me, so enter stencil!  My stencil was found on a stenciling website. It is a honey suckle pattern that I printed on cardstock and then cut out with an exacto knife.  This took a while, but the end result was wonderful.

 I then painted the stencil on the floor using Wisteria by Americana.  So pretty!

 I will be papering/painting the bathroom next.  But I have to pick lights first!!


  1. Esa fachada está quedando estupenda y el estarcido ha quedado genial :-) Espero seguir viendo los avances.
    Un beso.

  2. OOOOO another one of my favorite people doing stonework w/ egg carton! It's looking fabu! Can't wait to see it painted

  3. Your stonework looks amazing! I love the stenciling on the floor. Neat project! =)

  4. Oh beautiful, Lyssa! I simply HAVE to use those ideas in a hobbit hole I'm planning for my elder sis. Thanks so much!


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