Saturday, September 24, 2011

A floral bedroom

I always thought that I would never use floral wallpaper in a house... but this is a great example of listening to what the house wants.  This whole house is floral so far, and the bedroom is no exception.  Then again, I always thought I would be too chicken to put lights with wires in, but low and behold!!!!  

Sticking with the shabby country feel, I covered the walls with this paper.  You can find the original black and white form at Jennifer's Printables.  I used and the re-color tool to change the black to shades of blue.  I covered the roof wall in plain heavy white card stock.  All the edges of the room will get trimmed with white trim and white baseboard.  The small dormer ended up with white painted stone, which I dusted with a combination of blue and grey pastels.  Looks cool and dirty now.  I love it.

The floor is one of those square foot vinyl tiles from Home Depot.  I used a pen to ink in the stone pattern that I wanted.  I only needed to back up and redo once after Brae kindly reminded me that people needed to come through the stair hole.  Teehee. 

I surrounded the stair hole with a small brick pattern.  There are a few tutorials on the web (one at Greenleaf specifically-if you have the link, let me know and I will stick it in here) that show you how to cut and peel up the vinyl to reveal a *grout.*  Sadly, this doesn't work so well on the tile I bought.  The goop underneath the vinyl top is white.... so I will have to put a wash over the tile when I am done to dirty up the grout a bit.  It is also extremely difficult to keep the lines uniform, but I am okay with the floor looking a little beat up and uneven.  

The furniture you see there was provided for me by Brae, partly for my birthday and partly for sheer adoration of moi.  :D  LOVE it!  I will be changing the colors on it to better suit the room, but the style is perfect. It includes a matching bed, dresser and nightstand, along with a tiny pink lamp. :)  It's thanks to her that this house will be getting baseboards, too.  Thanks, Pea!!

The window seat is apparently a common use for the large dormer, but I love it.  It is suitable for a cottage! Mine is consturcted out of cardboard base with some batting and then a wrapped and stapled fabric on it.  I used a bit of left over laser cut wood from the Spring Fling kit to make a barrier edge for the seat.  

I would love to work on the house some more, but real life and other obligations and deadlines are getting in the way until October.  Bah.  At least that's not very long, if I can get it all over with by then!


  1. Hurray! It's looking fab, Pea! The floors have come along well!

  2. It's looking great Lys... and awesome idea on the floor!

  3. It´s becoming a lovely room. I love the wallpaper. The furniture is perfect for the room. I love the floor!!!


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